Vicks ComfortFlex Thermometer with InSight V966 Vicks V3700 Starry Night Humidifier

Vicks Products

Vicks Products
Kaz has been a partner with The Procter & Gamble Company since 1995 to bring Vicks Home Health Care products to parents everywhere. Advanced technology, simple operation, and dependability help make Vicks Humidifiers and Thermometers #1 in their categories.

Vicks Humidifiers
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Vicks humidifiers are designed to help relieve cold, flu, and fever symptoms.
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Vicks Thermometers
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Designed to be accurate and gentle, Vicks offers a number of easy ways to take a temperature.
Baby Thermometers · Ear Thermometers
Replacement Filters & Accessories for Vicks
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Replacement Filters & Accessories

Kaz offers high quality replacement parts for your air purifiers, humidifiers, thermometers, and more.
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