Kaz Products

Filters & Accessories

The Protec Antimicrobial Cleaning Cartridge features a patented antimicrobial, Aquastat®, that continuously works to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold as well as help prevent the buildup of slime in the water and humidifier surfaces.


The Vicks Starry Night cool moisture humidifier features a projector that comforts your child while transforming the room into a starry night sky.

Insect Control

The Stinger BK500 Insect Killer is uniquely designed to attract and kill a wide range of flying insects, including mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus or EEE.

Air Purifiers

The Honeywell HPA200 Allergen Remover helps reduce allergens such as dust mites, pollen, mold spores, smoke and other particles by up to 99.97%.1


The Chillout© Personal Fan pairs both comfort and style into one extraordinary product. With its bright color and two speed settings, this fan will never go out of style.


The Honeywell HZ-850 ThermaWave Heater uses ceramic technology to provide fast, even heat for whole room warmth.

Water Filtration

The improved next generation of PUR faucet water filter is at your service. With 1-click installation, superior contaminant removal, and a two-year warranty, there's never been an easier or more reliable way to get PUR water.

Heating Pads

Ease the stresses, pains, and tension of everyday life with the Mind + Body Care by SoftHeat Whole Body Wellness Wrap.


The Vicks Forehead Thermometer provides innovative, clinically proven technology that makes taking temperatures easy for both parents and children.