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AdvancedPlus Faucet Water Filter - Chrome

Model Number: FM-9400B
Dimensions: 7" x 3" x 8"
Color: Chrome
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
Price: 44.99
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Just Ship with Brass Adaptors

This filter works fine (5 Stars)... just as all the PUR facet filters do (I especially like the mineralized filters, well worth the extra cost). However, someone in engineering really blew it expecting a plastic "A" adapter to hold the filter on the faucet given all strain that the filter undergoes during use. KAZ will happily ship you an updated version of the adapter, I am waiting on mine to arrive; however, it should just be in the box? Maybe newer lots have it they way? If not, as soon as you purchase the filter, get the upgraded adapter, you WILL need it! Thanks KAZ/PUR for offering a solution!

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Easy On

I have bought two PUR last 4.5 years, the are sold to great price at KAZ. Easy to install and easy to use and no maintenace necessary. Do not expect endless performance. Eventually either the diode or somethingelse stops working.

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Poor Design of Diverter Handle
I just purchased a new PUR Filter FM9400B "Click On" To replace my 3plus year old Fm5050C. The install was great but the diverter handle is an awful design as compared to the FM5050C. In addition, the FM5050 C diverter handle is robust and changes the flow when you lift up. Conversly the FM9400B diverter handle changes flow when its pushed down. Needless to say it took 5 minuetes to break the diverter handle on the spanking new filter. Now all I need to do to complete my frustration with this "spanking new PUR Filter" is to have someone drop the "Pooly Designed broken diverter handle down the disposal". That would just make my day! .
I recommend the a more robust diverter handle and one that would function in both directions would be a more customer friendly design, that I would be willing to pay more for
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Needs more adapters

I purchased this filter and returned it to the store in the same day. The filter only comes with 4 adapters. None of these fit my faucet. the owners manual says that if none of the adapters fit, call PUR. Well, I called PUR only to be told that they only make 4 adapters and if they don't fit, then I'm out of luck. A lot of help they are. I really would have expected better product support from a company like this. 

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