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Vicks Replacement Filters and Accessories
5 Pack of Vicks scent pads for use in Vicks waterless vaporizer or Vicks VapoSteam inhaler. Also...
Model Number: VSP-19
Category: Humidifiers / Scent Pads
Price: $5.99
5 Pack of Vicks scent pads for use in Vicks plug-in vaporizers and select other vaporizers....
Model Number: VVP-6
Category: Humidifiers / Scent Pads
Price: $5.99
40 Pack of disposable ear thermometer covers with dispenser...
Model Number: VTC41
Category: Thermometers / Accessories
Price: $6.99
Vicks® Pediatric Baby Rub Lavender, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus scented VapoPads provide soothing...
Model Number: VBR-5
Category: Humidifiers / Scent Pads
Price: $9.99
Replacement Water Tank with cap for V3500 and V3600 humidifiers. This tank is not compatible...
Model Number: M-GC.7206
Category: Humidifiers / Accessories
Price: $13.50
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Replacement Tank for V5100N Humidifier. Not compatible with original V5100, only V5100N...
Model Number: V5100N-TANK
Category: Humidifiers / Accessories
Price: $15.00
Replacement Tank (wit cap) for Vicks Model V745a...
Model Number: M-G.0611
Category: Humidifiers / Accessories
Price: $15.99
Allows you to monitor the humidity and temperature levels in your home so you can more easily...
Model Number: V70
Category: Humidifiers / Accessories
Price: $17.99


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