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Vicks Waterless Vaporizer

Model Number: V1900-N
Dimensions: 19" x " x 8" in
Color: White/Green
Warranty: 1 Year limited
Price: 23.99
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good product have one in every room of house
I love the product
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Vicks Waterless Vaporizer
I was so happy to find this item! We live in a manufactured home and the home instructions make it clear that no humidifiers or vaporizers can be used inside the home due to increasing humidity levels and possible mold growth. This unit was perfect and I used it the first night after purchase for a few nights until my head/sinuses cleared. Recommend this unit to everyone.
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Love the Product
I love that this product is a waterless vaporizer. The first time I used this product I could smell Vicks Menthol vapors through out my home.
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waterless vaporizer
I do like the product I have several of them that I use for the family and enjoy not having to use the water,but the prices of the pads are a little high!
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I lobe the waterless vaporizers I have 3 of them but 2 of them aren't working, my brand new one isnt even working correctly
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I bought this unit in Dec. 2010 and it worked great. I am anow trying to use it in Jan. 2011 and it is not working correctly. for the price of the unit you would think you would get more than one use out of it before it breaks!!!!! Thumbs down to customer service also! I was on the phone for over 45 minutes on hold and noone ever picked up. I will go with another product and manufacturer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do not buy this product!!!!

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Not what I expected from Vicks

I am less than impressed with the Waterless Vaporizer.  I purchased it for use in our room when our young son was suffering from a bad cold.  While it did fill the room with a menthol scent, the scent was not the vicks scent I expected.  This scent gave me such a headache, I had to remove the machine from our room.  And the nightlight is obnoxiously bright.  My husband stated he couldn't sleep with it in the room.  So, if I hadn't removed it for the scent, I would have removed it for the light.  I would really have liked to have seen an on/off switch for the nightlight.  As for our son, I'm not sure if the vaporizer helped with his congestion or not.  He didn't seem any worse off when I removed it from the room, so I'm thinking it was an all-around disappointment.  Next time, I'll just rub a bit of vaporub on a towel and be done with it.

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