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Vicks Waterless Vaporizer

Model Number: V1800
Price: 10.25
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Great Product!
For a small device it works great!
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Works well

This is a great product. I like that I can have it at just the right place when I need it! Very pleased with this product!

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Vicks Waterless Vapor izer

Awesome product that works really good and well appreciated!

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Thank you Vicks

I was diagnosed with pneumonia two days ago. I had my wife pickup the waterless humidifier. I have had my first evening that I have not coughed my head off. Wife was seriously thinking about running away from home. Coughed all day long. Have used for about 6 and a half hours now. Almost cough free. Thank you for the fine product.

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Vicks Waterless Vaporizer..

Great product! Highly recommended!

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Waterless vaporizor

I purchased this for my mom who is 88 years old.  She couldn't manage walking with a vaporizor filled with water.  She loves this.  She said that it's easy to use and really helps relieve some of her sinus and allergy problems.  

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Vicks Waterless vaporizer

Liked it a lot but would like to see a little more vapor coming from it.

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I loved my waterless vaporizer. When it worked it was very effective for my daughter, it cleared her breathing and for that I am very grateful. On day 3 I went to use it and all of a sudden the lid fell off in my hands for no reason now I am unable to use it.

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vaporizer 1800
I loved this little machine. It Works well if I have it on the night stand. My nose stays stuffy all the time. The machine is also, portable. I do not like that you get only 5 pads
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vicks waterless vaporizor

for the most part this works very well, i would recommend it to others. however, i do like the other model that allows you to control the levels as well as being able to turn it off instead of having to unplug it every time i am done using it.

but, again overall it does its job and i will continue to use both of them. plus, you just cant beat the price, great price and good quality product.

thank you,

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i bought a vicks waterless vaporizer and i have used it about four times and it does not work anymore and i just loved it for my granddaughter she did not cough all nite but the 5th nite she stayed it put new pad in and nothing she coughed all nite is that all the longer they last like 4 pads and about 6 to 7 hours a nite or is something wrong with should last longer than that for
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0 stars

I am on my second one of these and will not buy another. The first didn''t work at all, the second worked for one day. I am not impressed with the quality and will think twice before spending my money on another Kaz product. I do not expect to see this review on your website, but I do want you to know that you have an unhappy customer.

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Vicks Waterless Vaporizer
It's a good idea, but it hasn't lasted for us. We used it 2 times and then tonight it doesn't work when we plug it in. I'm contacting customer service to see if they'll replace it.
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You have be very close to smell the vapor. I wouldn't have spent my money.
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