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Vicks Scent Pad Replacements

Model Number: VVP-6
Price: 5.99
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Great price.

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I received the Vicks discs in jig time and am so grateful for you quick service. 

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More sleep nights

I have been sleeping and breathing easier since using this product. The air is clearer. I have to order the vapor pads in bulk in order not to run out.

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I purchased Vicks Vapo Pads model # VVP-6.  The box cost around 8 dollars; the package says there were 6 pads inside and there were 5.  I know this can happen from time to time.  I would like the 6th pad replaced please.  Otherwise I would have been pleased with the product.  We usually buy the liquid but all that was available in the store were the pads.

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Reverse Logistics
Need to know if this item has a shelf life. UPC number: 32878530019 Model number: vsp-6 Code on product: packed on 308 10 scp. Need information so that we can track the dating through our system. If there is no dating associated with this item please state so. Thanks, Aldo Arias Reverse Logistics Wilsonville Distribution Center #80 Phone: 503.685.6014 Fax: 503.685.6012
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