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Vicks® HEPA-Type Air Purifier for Baby

Model Number: V9071
Dimensions: 14" x 7" x 11" in
Color: White
Room Size: 110
Speeds: 3 speeds
Warranty: 3 Year Limited
Price: 59.99
Sale Price: 55.99
Save: $4.00 (6% off)
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A1 product

This air purifier is A1. KAZ Inc. is like abreath of fresh air.

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A must have for any parent. Love it!
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A must have for any parent. Love it!
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I love it
This is a must have me and my children has astma and living in fresno dosnt help due to its massive air poullution this is the second machine I bought my doctor visits cut in half thank u
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Not just for baby!
I realize this is advertized for use with babies, however I am an adult with severe athsma who is a light sleeper. This air purifier is perfect. It is very quiet on the low setting for sleeping. I run it on the med/high setting with the ionizer through the daytime to keep the air clean. The lights on the control knobs are not too bright like some other brands we have tried.
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Baby Air Purifier

The Vicks Baby Air Purifier keeps the dust and debris of normal house environments out. Vicks is a solid company and I own a Humidifier from them as well (Model#3900)  I use Vicks strips to control my allergies(Deviated Septum)  Jim Scaife

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Great Baby Product

This air purifier is a perfect white noise machine with the benefits of cleaner air and a night light.

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Great Nursery Item

Provides white noise, a night light, and clean air!

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I love having refreshing clean Air in my home! Just like a breath of fresh air!!

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vicks HEPA air purifier V9071

Filters the air GREAT!!! Has 3 different settings, works great for different times of the day!

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love product
Product works great. but after 7 months of use the product just stopped working. Not sure what happen. Need warranty information
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was good while lasted

was good worked wanders for kids but after a year the red filter change light keeps on staying on even after putting a clean filter in,

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So far it has proven to work great! It's in my toddlers room, so hoping it stays on vourse.

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Great product, but breaks

This is my 3rd air purifier in 2 years.  So, although I am obviously happy enough to get it again, I do not like that it just shuts down so quickly.  I use it normally, so I know that it has nothing to do with us.  I have learned my lesson, and I am registering this one so that I can use the warranty, since I am skeptical that it will last very long!

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After 3 Months Stopped Worling

This was good while it lasted but stopped working completely after 3 months.  It was running in our nursery and it was my sons white noise at night.  Very disappointed.  I expected more for $60

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This Vicks air purifier broke after just four months of use.

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