Replacement Water Tank (without cap) for V3100
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: M-G.3101
Product ID: b0936eac9228c36593e98f57b6af8094
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12.50 New

Kaz Online Store

V3100 Replacement Tank

Model Number: M-G.3101
Category: Humidifiers
Warranty: None
Price: $12.50
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Replacement Water Tank (without cap) for V3100
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Customer Reviews

V3100 Replacement Tank
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Exactly what I needed

Apart from a slight mix-up in shipping (they sent me 2 caps rather than 2 tanks), this order was exactly what I needed.  When customer service was contacted, they immediately rectified the mishap, and I received the tanks within days.  I have one unit in my bedroom and one unit in my daughter's room.  The units were bought about a year apart, and both replacement tanks fit perfectly.  The price on this site is also the best I found anywhere.  I am very impressed with the level of customer service provides, and will definitely shop here again!

It's just the water reservoir

This product is just the water reservoir (the blue/white piece). The picture only shows the blue top, but it is the entire top piece of the humidifier, minus the round cap that holds in the water.  I had broken the blue plastic part, so this was perfect for me, but if you've lost the round cap then save your money!

model V3100

I also have a Vicks humidifier model V3100 and I also need a new cap for the tank.  So come on Kaz Step up to the plate and take of your customers using  your products and sell us a new cap for the tank.

Having faith


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