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Vicks SpeedRead Thermometer with InSight V911F / V912F

Model Number: V911F
Price: 11.99
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Vicks Thermometer

We always had a hard time taking my great grandsons temperature, this is so fast he hardly knows it's happening.  I would suggest this as a gift to any new mother or grandmother.

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Vicks thermometer

Good and quick

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Vicks V912F

I love this thermometer.  I have had one for a couple of years and wanted to get another one.  I bought one from another place and it did not work properly so I sent it back and they sent me another one, same thing it did not work right.  I orded it from ya.ll and it works perfect, I love the way that it beeps and then lights up so I know it is finished.  I cannot hear the beeps on some because of being a little hard of hearing so when I see it light up, I know.  Thank you for such a great thermometer.

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Love it!!!

I love this thermometer! I have used it for a few years now and my battery died! I took battery out and lost it :(. I need a new battery but don't know what size it takes! Best thermometer I have ever used with my son.

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I would like to see if I could request an additional battery, as I can not find batteries for this item an where.. I purchased it a short time back and the battery is no good already. This is an expensive item when you have 4 grandchildren and medicines to purchase along with this item,etc.


Please advise where I might be able to purchase or receive battery  ASAP.


Thank you for your consideration to my request.


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can't get new battery

good  product, but wal-mart don't sell the battery, plus i can't fined the battery anywhere!!

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Dead Battery

 Believe it or not... I have 3 of these...  1 worked, the other two had dead batteries when I purchased it. I purchased mine at Walgreens. They don't carry the replacement batteries. I also purchased the others at Walmart, who do not carry the replacement batteries. I had trouble getting the back off thhe one that I just opened the package on. I purchase a ton of Vicks products, however, I am very unhappy with this one. I will admit, the only reason that I gave it 2 stars, was because when it worked, which wasn't very long, it did work quickly.

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first use

We just bought our thermeter and it didn't work. We will have to buy a new battery.  Hopefully after we replace the battery it will be as wonderful as we imagined it would be.

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customer dissatisfaction
This thermometer has not worked from the day I purchased it. Not only that, Assuming it needed a new battery, I can't remove the back to replace it.
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V912f Vicks Digital Thermometer

I purchased  a Vicks Digital Thermometer Model V912F about 3 weeks ago and it worked fine for a week.  Now it does not work.  It states it should last 200 hours if used 10 minutes a day for 2 years.  I can't even remove the cover to check the battery.  I used a coin to move it to the unlock position, but the cover won't come off.  Even though it is not that expensive, I expected it to last longer than a week.  If I return it to you for repair, it will cost me more to ship it back to you than the $7.99 I paid for it.  Very disappointed in your product! 

Dannielle Manthey

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Not Recommended

The print on the back is unreadable.  Can't get the cover off to change the battery.  Overall: a don't buy!

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 I just made 3 trips to Wal-Mart because of this product. I purchased the first one, got home to use it, and the battery was already dead. So I went back and they exchanged it because they don't sell that type of battery. When I got home, It also didn't work. So I took it back and got ANOTHER one... another dead battery. ??? Someone owes me a battery

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poor product
Worked a short time and then battery died. I could not find a replacement and because I had lost the receipt, I am out $14.95 plus tax
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Most annoying gadet ever, has given me a sore finger tying to get the thing to go from F to C.

The instructions that came with it mentioned holding the Button until LO came up, but are now lost and every other "manual" online doesn't mention changing it. A simple switch or button even a poke hole on the back would do, but no. Its usless, though my battery is working fine unlike alot of other reviewers, I don't however carry around a conversion chart with me. Model V912f-24

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