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Vicks SpeedRead™ Digital Thermometer with Fever InSight®

Model Number: V912US
Color: White/Blue
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: 12.99
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Excellent for price

Easy to use and accurate. I brought it to our pediatricians' office and compared temps. Same temperature on both instruments.

Great price.

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Received thermometer but it doesn't work. Was going to return but didn't get around to it since I didn't have small enough box & time went by and I thought too late now to return.

Tried to find battery replacement at Target but they were all out of this particular type so that didn't work.

Is it too late to retrurn?

thank you

m. prubant

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the thermometer works great. Vicks thermometers are the one product i know I can trust. Fast, reliable and accurate...need I say more.

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Great product

We just bought this product and found it was super easy to use and effective! Great job!

Thanks, Min

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Easy, Fast and Reliable

It's a product easy to use and you will get the results fast one of the best products in the market.

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Vicks speed read

This thermometer is one of the best very 

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Excellent and great price

Excellent and accurate product.

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Good performance

I'm pleased with this product.  After about a year, i need a new battery and have gone all over.   I needed a magnifying glass to see the model number and web site, should have done this sooner.  good product for me.

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quick but batter ran out shorty after purchase

I had the same problem as a couple other reviews here.  This worked great for the few months after I purchased it then the battery died.  I checked about 6 different stores (walmart, cvs, walgreens, hyvee, local grocery store, & target) and could never find a battery replacement.  I finally have gotten around to calling the manufacturer and they said battery can be purchased through Radio Shack or a couple of online places (interstatebattery.com & batterymart.com).  At my local radio shack this battery is $5.99.  If it doesn't last that long I will probably purchase a different thermometer.  I can replace the whole thermometer in the same cost as 2 battery replacements.  I think, had I known this stuff previously, I would have probably purchased something different.  I assumed finding a replacement battery would be no big deal.  I'm very interested to see if this new battery will last very long or if the thermometer just uses a lot of battery during use. 

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Celsius vs Farenheit

It gives fast readings. I can't get it to read in Farenheit. The on-line PDF owner manual says nothing about how to change from Celsius to Farenheit. I have to go online to find a conversion. I will try to call the company after the weekend and see if they can help me. 

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did not get to use it!!!
i purchased this thermometer at my local Target store i took it out of the package and tried to turn it on and nothing. it flashed once and shut down. i am very disappointed.
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Stops working after a couple of months

This is the second one I have purchased and each stops working after only a couple of months.  I have others that last years.

I am not sure if this one really drains the battery with any use but both lasted only a short time.

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I just bought this Thermometer, and it doesnt work.. it states its a lifetime warranty. Please have this replace. I am very annoyed this has happened. Having a sick child at home, i ran out to buy all the needed stuff for him, and to see this thermomometer doesn't work.
Lifetime warranty: R24610AMP
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Vicks digital thermometer

Bought it for my husband who has the flu.  It never worked.  The ERR  keeps reappearing,  VERY DISSAPOINTING.  We will be returning it and NEVER buying another one of VICKS products. 

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Broke within 12 hours

I am very disappointed in my purchase of this product.  i purchased this thermometer and within 12 hours of purchasing this item I get an "error" message.  i changed the battery and still no luck.  totally regret this purchase!

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