The Vicks® SpeedRead™ Digital Thermometer with large screen display, and Fever InSight® feature makes taking temperatures fast, easy, and comfortable.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: V912US
Product ID: 8edc0ac7f46afe31dcc415264b3817f0
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Vicks SpeedRead™ Digital Thermometer with Fever InSight®

Model Number: V912US
Category: Thermometers
Color: White/Blue
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: $12.99
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  • Oral, rectal or underarm use
  • Accurate readings within +/- 0.2F
  • 8 second readings
  • Fever InSight® helps you understand the meaning of temperature readings using a color-coded display. A GREEN display indicates no fever. A YELLOW display shows the temperature is slightly elevated. A RED display signals a fever.
  • Waterproof for easy, thorough cleaning
  • Automatic shut-off for longer battery life
  • Memory feature recalls and displays last temperature taken
  • Storage case and batteries included
  • Lifetime warrany under normal use

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