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Vicks SpeedRead Digital Thermometer V911 / V912

Model Number: V911
Color: White/Blue
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: 11.99
Sale Price: 7.99
Save: $4.00 (33% off)
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Really easy to read

Love this thermometer, it is very easy to read and fast.  Comes in a see thru case so it is easy to find.

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VICKS thermometer readings are exact to a mercury thermometer.

WALGREENS was lower by half a degree.



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Batteries Located

Batteries C R1225 3V Lithium Pack of 5 can be found on Amazon.  All Watch Parts was the provider for the batteries, which I ordered and received within 3 days.  Very impressed!!  Really like the thermometer because the temperature shows up almost immediately

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re: Vicks911

I have been using this SpeedRead digital thermometer for a couple of years.  Now I seem not iedbe able to use it.  At first I thought the problem comes from the battery SR41.  After replacing a new one, the display only show 188.8 for about a second and then the display becomes blank again.  Although I tried to test it several times for about a minute by putting it in the mouth and all the attempts failed and do not come to any reading display.

In this respect, can you verify that the thermometer is not working or malfunctioning already.  Is it time for a replacement?

Thanks for your reply



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poor quality thermometer
I would like to give you ZERO stars for this item - every time we need to use it, the battery is dead. You should prpbably test these items before you sell them to the general public - because if you did - then you too would experince the frustration with this thermometer.
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doesn't work

bought this approx one year ago to have in house and have never used.  granddaughter is spending the night and has fever.  wanted to check her temperature, got out the thermoter and must be the battery is dead because it won't turn on.  never used it once and now we can't. 

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How do you change the battery?

 I purchased this thermometer a month ago and threw away the package. Within 1 month the battery is dead. How do I change it?  Why would this go bad in only 30 days? It is model# V900R. Thank you!

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