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Vicks ComfortFlex Thermometer with InSight V966

Model Number: V966
Price: 14.99
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Great Product
This thermometer is great. It is easy to use and is very accurate.
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Vicks Comfortflex
I purchased this thermometer when my late husband was very ill. It was an enormous help - especially when he was in chemo treatment and temperatures were so critical (immediately to hospital if it registered 38.5). I tried to use it this week for my feverish 11 month old grandson, and it didn't work. Naturally, the battery was dead. But, there are no instructions as to what battery to replace it with OR how to remove the old battery. Help, please. BG
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Does not work!!!
Poor battery life and so not worth buying!!!
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Very nice to have with a daughter that is impatient with thermometers.

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Not worth what I paid for it

This thermometer worked ok for awhile until it started displaying broken numbers, etc. on the screen and I thought it must be the battery. With some difficulty got the back off and determined what battery it needed I set out to find the battery. It was not easy to find. Changed the battery and thermometer still doesn't work at all. Very disappointed in this Vicks thermometer. Will not buy again and I would not recommend.

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cannot open

I need a new battery in the thermometer.  I cannot open  the back.  Tried a knife, a penny and a screwdriver.  It won,t budge.

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no directions how to get thermometer  from centigrade to farenheit.....hello!   i have to go back to Walgreens and exchange it for a plain simple thermometer that actually gets the job done without all the high tech crap!!!

meanwhile i still don't know how high my husband's temp is now.  thanks for nothing.

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Really like, just wish the battery lasted longer, and it was easier to find and replace.
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Love this thermometer, but it does have a VERY short battery life and finding new ones is a pain!  Also, the type of battery needed is not listed on the device so if you take out the dead battery and LOSE it, as I did, you don't know which kind to get to replace it!!

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This thermometer is very easy to use and read.  The battery does not last long at all.  I am having trouble finding one to fit. 

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It works quickly and in all the places you recommend. I really like the color codes for temps.
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Love the product. Works great and is easy to read. Biggest problem is battery life and not being able to open the back cover to replace the battery.

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This is a great theormeter now that my children can hold it under their tongues.  I  found probe covers which were really helpful when I had more than one child with an fever/illness.  My only complaint is that I'm having a hard time tracking down the battery.  It lasted for over 2 years on the original battery but CVS, Walgreens and Target don't carry the size.  I would buy this one again (if I can't find a replacement battery).



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Too bad

Although not for the models shown we were able to find a battery replacement for the model we have (after having difficulty removing the dead battery) at Ace Hardware.  It was the right fit and the screen lit up with the 188.8 number, but we haven't been able to get it to proceed beyond that...too bad because we loved this thermometer.

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The battery this site takes you to is INCORRECT!  Per owner's manual found online, CR1225 is the replacement battery. 

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This thermometer has some good features....large readout, etc.  However the battery went dead right away. When I tried to open the back as instructed, ( first unlocking with a coin) and then a using  nonmetal object open the back we could not get it open.  I have contacted the company for warranty replacement.  I'm hoping a replacement will come and the battery will last longer.

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Battery Despair

Love the Thermometer HATED the battery life and REALLY hated trying to find a replacement. Just bought another thermometer when we really needed one and had looked for months for a replacement battery.

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The thermometer worked great when it worked but after having the thermometer for only one year and using it only 5 or less times the battery died-- I would think it should last longer than this, but other than that no problems with the product.
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Had to replace

I have had to replace this thermometer since I am unable to find a new battery. I like the thermometer itself, but I have been to three major pharmacy chains, as well as, Walmart, Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond,and several wholesale clubs for a total of about 10 visits!  I give up!








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replacement battery

I like this thermometer.  Its fast and easy.  However, the battery life is very short.  And I have been unable to find a replacement battery.  That is why I am on here today.  I was hoping to be able to possibly order one from this site.  Or, at the very least, find a list of stores where I can a replacement battery.

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battery replacement

Consistent with the other feedback, the battery link is incorrect, as is the description in the user manual.

The user manual indicates CR1225 (this is correct) OR L41.

For whatever reason, CR1225 is difficult to come by (CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Home Depot, regional supermarket) all had other silver oxide batteries (CR2032, CR2450, etc..) but somehow the smaller CR1225 is more difficult to come by.

The L41 is a completely different battery that does not even fit.

Otherwise, the thermometer is easy to use and read (if not for the battery issue, I would give it 5 stars).

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not worth the money

I use this for my children and my child care clients.  While the reading is very quick and easy to read, the batteries do not last long.  I have tried in earnest to find replacement batteries, but have had no luck, so I resorted to just purchasing another....and a third thermometer.  My thought was that once I found the battery at a pharmacy or store, that I would then have 3 good theremometers.  Still, to this day I cannot locate them.  I have since lost the battery, and the product does not indicate what type of battery to buy.  I am done with these and going to a  disposable dot-reading thermometer and sticking by my  tried and true 8 year old thermometer that STILL works..it just takes 3 min to find temp.

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This is actually my 3rd attempt at this thermometer. I like it's flexible shaft and easy to read display but it constantly breaks or the battery dies quickly. If this one goes on the frits I will never buy this brand again!!!!!!
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switching from farenheith to celsius

I purchase a thermometer in the usa. for my daughter   and the few times that she used it was in farenheith.  now for some reason it has switched to celsius.  the company says that the model should not switch .BUT IT DID.... nOW I AM WORKING ON CELSIUS HOW DO  I KNOW THAT IT WILL NOW SWITCH BACK.. AS THE COMPANY SAYS THAT IT CAN NOT BE CHANGED.

  the model is  ; # is v966us  it is not supose to switch.  only if at the end of the model # there is a -can or -cf  they do not know how it happened with that model..but it did.       NOT PLEASED.!!!!.............this is a very important matter as my daughter is on chemo  and has to be monitored  several times a week  I cetainley hope that it is working properly .  maybe i will have to go and purchase a new one to be sure .  Mrs Catherine Barker...my daughter's name is catherine also

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I just tested it repeatedly and then threw it away.  It varies by several degrees on immediate retests ... 98, 99, 100.  So, I was either healthy or sick.  Take your pick.  The old-fashioned type seems more accurate.  P.S. The rating system forces me to give it 1 star.  In truth I give it none.

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Bought two bad ones

My son has been sick and my wife bought the V966F-24 and it worked for one day. I did not know what thermometer she bought and bought this one at another store - it did no work at all. I bought it on the brand name. I am not impressed with this at all and will return both of them. A waste of time.



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I purchased this thermometer at Walgreen's, only to discover that it wouldn't turn on. I think the battery had died in the package. I returned it to the store for another of the same model. This one was also dead. I returned it again and opened the third one in front of a manager. It also would not turn on. I think there is a problem with the packaging which allows the power button to be pressed during shipment, draining the battery before it arrives in the store. I exchanged my last Vick's thermometer ever for a Walgreen's brand thermometer which works fine. Perhaps Vick's should consider one of those little plastic tabs which covers the battery contact during shipment (common on most devices like this).
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do not buy

just got it. the battery is dead. this is not the first one. .

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I am a technition at a vet clinic, we use your model # V966F thermometer. We use them all day and have come to find out that we can not locate any replacement batteries for this particular brand thermometer. I came to this site and it took me to Amazon for a replacement, well, needless to say we ordered the one it took me to for this brand, and come to find out its the wrong size! We have to keep buying more themometers! Why are these batteries hard to locate??? We purchased the thermometers from our local Walgreens, they to dont have batteries that fit this brand! We have tried everywhere in our town but no one seems to have this battery. PLease respond, we need to find a solution to this problem, we have a drawer full of these thermometers and we need to find batteries!


A. Customer

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Just bought and it does not work
Just bought this thermometer and it does not work,no readings,no lights,nothing except a beep when you push the front button
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Can't Replace Battery

I purchased the Vicks Comfortflex thermometer with Insight V965F many years ago. Now it’s time to replace the battery. To replace the battery, a coin or screwdriver is needed. The back of the thermometer has a small circular area with a slot carved into it. Use the coin or screwdriver to turn the cover to the unlock symbol. A coin does not securely fit into the slot and the slot isn’t deep enough for a screwdriver. When you turn the screwdriver it mars the edges making the slot even with the back. I never got the back open to replace the battery. The product is in the hazardous waste recycle bin. I don’t want a coupon. I wanted to continue using this item instead of buying a replacement every few years.

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Battery Unreplacable

The battery life was very short. It lasted less than 6 months, and it was used very little!

The battery (CR1225) is impossible to find in all the local hardware, electronics, department stores, drug stores, etc. I did find a replacement on eBay, but with the cost of shipping, I may as well buy a new thermometer.

Functioned great as a thermometer, but I wouldn't buy the likes of this again.


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Battery life

This is good thermometer but battery only last 6 months. I spend 5 dollar on battery yesterday at batteries plus store. Now it temp is celsius form. I follow the directions to chage it nothing working.  I do not know what to do. It is so frustrating.


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No Power

Bought unit from local Grocery store, took unit home and it did not function. Contact Customer Support, with out any wait I might add, and they said try and return unit there before they would honor the warranty. Checked battery and it had 3 vdc. So problem is with Circuit Board

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Celsius? Fahrenheit? Who Knows?

We'll be taking this back after one day of use. It mysteriously switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius and there seems to be no way to switch it back. The manual makes no reference to this whatsoever. Nevermind the facts that the model number ends in US and the packing and manual indicate Fahrenheit exclusively.

This is gross incompetence or carelessness or both. Note to self: stay away from all Kaz/Vicks products.

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