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Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer

Model Number: V980
Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 9" in
Color: White and blue
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: 49.99
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Life Saver

This item is the best thing since slice cheeze!!! to be able to take a infants temp in only one second is a GOD SENT!  The baby didnt even know we were taking her temperature, it was amazing.  Fast, Easy, Accurate and a lifetime waranty...what more could a parent ask for!

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This thermometer is awesome! Its so easy to use.  It didn't even wake my 8 week old! Love love love!

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Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer

I really like the ergonomic design of this behind ear thermometer.  It is curved to fit your hand and is easy to use.  The steps are pretty clear-cut and it has been very accurate.  I would definitely recommend this model.  Model V980.  I am very impressed with this new model.

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Love this product!

Love this thermometer! So much easier to use than the regular ear ones! So happy that we ended up purchasing this item!

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behind ear thermometer

i purchase this fews weeks ago at my local rite aid store as an emergency cause my 3 year old daughter got very high fever at night i was so afraid that i didnt know what to do, so i have to buy it knowing it was kind of expensive so far no regret, it is the most wonderful product very easy to use, thank you kaz or vicks for this thermometer.

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User friendly
We like the easy use of the item, very user friendly. But, after a few readings, the thermometer, seemed to be reading the same temp every time. We tried it on each of us in the family, we got the same reading each time, everyone was on the cool side. Yes, we followed the directions. Can you please advise on what we need to do to rectify this issue.
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Behind the ear

Easy to read. Very fast temperature reading.  Great for fussy infants and toddlers.  

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The Vicks V980 behind the ear thermometer is not only overpriced it is virtually non-functional. Since I first used it, it consistently reads a temperature of 96.5 degrees even when my child obviously had a fever. The gimmick of producing disposable and worthless consumer goods needs to end as this was a decent pile of cash I would have been further ahead throwing in the trash.

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