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Vicks Baby Thermometer V934

Model Number: V934
Dimensions: 13" x " x 8" in
Color: Blue/White
Price: 12.99
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Haven't used it yet but previous reviews from other users, it seems to be a pretty good product especially for newborn babies.
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great producy

This is a wonderful product. very safe and  great for first time moms who are worried about  injury to baby using a rectal thermometer. I have three children and have used many thermometers and this one is by far the best. Must have for all moms.

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vicks thermometer

this thermometer is perfect for a baby. it is impossible to hurt the baby since the probe is so small and flexible. the only complaint is that when the baby soils the display case, it's difficult to read the temperature.

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retcal thermometer
works really fast
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Works great

This thermometer works great, no chance of hurting your baby due to the form of the device. Mine broke after a year though :( I assume I'll get it replaced given that it came with lifetime warantee.

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Worked for a month
I have to give it at least 3 stars due to the fact that when it was working...it was fast and accurate. I love the thermometer...I just wish it would have lasted longer than a month. In the process of trying to get a replacement; it comes with a lifetime warranty.
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Not functioning out of box

We know and trust the Vicks name.  We wanted a rectal thermometer for our baby.  We registered for it and received it for our baby shower.  We just opened it out of the box and it isn't functioning.  Either the "long life battery" is dead on arrival or there is a problem with the unit.  Since we haven't been able to use it yet, I cannot give a higher rating.  Had it worked as expected, and as trusted from the Vicks name, I was expecting to be able to give 4 or 5 stars. I will re-review when I get the thermometer to work,

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Never worked
The thermometer never worked. I reinserted the battery in both possible orientations, and made sure there wasn't an insert in the battery chamber. However, the thermometer never once powered up. Unfortunately, the packaging went in the trash already (we bought it for a newborn, and there's just too much stuff we received or bought recently, so we took the thermometer out and put it in our setup without thinking to test it...), and we don't have a receipt, so we spent money on a thermometer that never functioned and can't be returned.
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I spent $12 on this thermometer and it doesn't read accurate. Very frustrating

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DO NOT BUY - Failed to work out of the box

I picked this thermometer up without having read any reviews (sorry, I was in a rush) and regret it. The unit powers up (screen backlight turns on) but the display does not function. Therefore, this unit is worthless. Quality control at Kaz/Vicks must be nonexistent for so many nonfunctional units to reach users, to which the other negative reviews can certainly attest.

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