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Digital Thermometer 821-24

Model Number: 821-24
Color: Clear
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
Price: 4.00
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very good
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Oldie but goldie

We have had one of these thermometers for years.(At least 15) It has always been accurate, but the battery is getting weak. I recently purchased others that didn't work out. Ordered these because I couldn't find them at the pharmacy or Wal-Mart. Recieved within two days as promised. All three work perfectly. I am delighted with this thermometer.

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We have had a thermoscan for 12 years and it still works great. We gave it to our kids when they had a new baby and we liked it so much we bought another one for us.

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Braun thermometer

Love this thermometer it's very easy to use

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Great product!
Great product! The SpeedRead Digital Thermometer is so easy to use. The speed at which temperature is taken, the color code and the large display are very useful features, especially for seniors like me. What a far cry from the old fashioned thermometer!
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Braun thermometers its easy to use and accurate
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Its not working good at all
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Battery Dead
I just bought the thermometer less than a month ago, and it is either not working or the battery is dead. I am very disappointed.
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Dead battery

The thermometer came with a dead battery and coupons which expired in 2008, I think!  So, I'm sure the battery has been in the thermometer for all those years. 

I tried to replace it and it won't even come out of the thermometer.  I'm afraid I'm going to break it.


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Bought this item and it doesnt even turn on!
I want a new one because my daughter was born june 1 and i couldnt use my thermometer because when i opened it , it was broken as to it, wouldnt turn on!
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Thermometer a dud
Took the Vicks Thermometer right out of the package, and nothing! Can't even turn it on. What a joke.
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This thermometer stopped working altogether after three days. I would never recommend it

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To whom it may concern:

Cannot locate any store that carries the refills sensors cover applicator for the thermonentor.  This defeats the pupose of having this model when you cannot buy any where the refills are as followed for model# VTC41 Lot #16610 onb:

Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated.


Deborah Daniel


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I bought this for my daughter to take to college.  When she needed it, she opened it up, and it didn't work!  It showed an Err message, which means it needs to be replaced!  Don't bother!

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