11 Gallon output/day whole house humidifier is up to 30% quieter than other console humidifiers. Electronic controls are simple to operate. Perfect for areas up to 2300 sq ft.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: HCM-6013I
Product ID: 38c3820ae9386f5829f911ed12eff49e
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QuietCare™ Cool Moisture Multi-Room Humidifier

Model Number: HCM-6013I
Category: Humidifiers
Room Size: Large
Price: $139.99
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QuietCare™ HCM-6013i provides natural relief from dry indoor air.  The Protec Pure Moisture System provides a 4 step process for fresher moisture.  The Airwashing filter helps capture dirt, dust, and pollen, the Protec Cleaning Cartridge helps reduce mineral build-up, the Protec Extended Life Filter helps prevent the growth of mold and odor causing bacteria on your filter while the ionizer helps freshen the air.

  • Up to 30% quieter
  • EasySet™ Electronic Controls
  • 3 moisture output settings
  • Adjustable humidity control can customized in 5 % increments
  • Easy to clean, carry and fill
  • Runs up to 24 hours per filling
  • Humidifies up to 2300 sq. ft.
  • Includes Bonus Protec Cleaning Cartridge
  • Replacement filter: HC-14

Filters and Accessories

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Customer Reviews

QuietCare™ Cool Moisture Multi-Room Humidifier
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This was the most received gift of comfort we have purchased. So easy to set-up it took longer to wash out water tanks than to put together.


It is so quite we don't even know it is here and we we had a very dry house.


Glad we found each other

Thanks for making a Great Product

on-line purchase

Purchaced on-line, web site very user friendly.  Shipped in 3 days.  Works great!


Honeywell QuietCare™ Cool Moisture Multi-Room Humidifier

The Problem:

I live in the High New Mexican Desert (house doorstep is slightly above 7,000 feet above sea level).  There are approximately three months a year (during our "Monsoon" season) where indoor humidification is not necessary.  The other nine months, one can expect to generate sufficient static electricty that often generates very annoying body to body and body to grounded object shocks at work.  In other cases, I've ruined personal audio equipemt and office phone handsets due to this phenomena.  My employer's office environment is too large for a unit this size so I bought a static electricty grounding mat for use within my cube (pricey at ~$60) but works perfectively when used properly (which means I still sometimes forget to touch the mat with my foot before touching an electrical desktop device such as a phone handset ). I still manage to give and recieve static shocks to my co-workers, office microwaves, copy machines, the metal-beaded corners of standard dry-wall, metal file cabinents etc., etc. for 9 0f 12 months.

A Possible solution:

I've used this unit's slightly smaller, earlier version in my two-story ~1,100 sq ft apt (hot water baseboard heat) since December 2006.  It has worked flawlessly since December 2006.  At first I added a relatively small volume of household chlorine bleach to each of the tanks to provide an inhostpitable environment for molds and fungi. It worked well in that regard but bleach is too harsh to the rubber gaskets on the bottom of the tanks and they crumbled but I was able to buy replacement seals via KAZ.  The past couple years, I've switched to using hydrogen peroxide which doesn't work quite as well but is much less non-destructive.  This Spring, I got lazy, not wanting to scrub mineral deposits and hard to reach parts in the "old" unit. 

Accordingly, I purchased the newer and slightly larger capacity unit.  While I've always used the Protec cartridges in both units, their utility is finite (as is the evaporative screen/filter) and I tend to be kind of cheap when it comes to such relatively pricey items; I buy them but over-use them.  So far, I've noticed that the new unit runs somewhat more quietly at the lowest fan speed and the humidistat setting between the lowest and next lowest setting works just fine to humidify the entire living space.  It runs about 7-8 feet from my upstairs bed .  I have some hearing loss so your results may vary but the small amount of white noise it generates is a positive attribute for me.  In the "deep" of winter here in NM, the older unit only requiried re-filling the tanks every two or three days at those fan speed and unit humidistat settings.  The selected humidifier settings keep significant window water condensation problems in this part of the country to a minimum or even to zero if watched carefully enough by keeping track of estimated evening lows.

I'd certainly recommend the unit for situations like my current one but don't know how well it would work in larger living spaces.  I had gas forced air in my house in Minneapolis so used an April-Aire unit there resulting in even humidity on all three floors (approximately 1,300 sq. ft), minimal water use, but did require periodic replacement of its evaporative pad (looks like Aspen fibers).

I'd recommend purchase of this unit if  your situation is similar or semi-similar to mine.

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