This compact tabletop air purifier is ideal for helping to remove common airborne allergens in smaller rooms such as the nursery, bedrooms, office, kitchen or den.* The 3-stage filter system provides extremely effective air cleaning and the permanent HEPA-type filter never needs replacing.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: HHT-011
Product ID: 434930cf5e778cdf567e99c76c3c0534
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HEPAClean Compact Air Purifier

Model Number: HHT-011
Category: Air Purifiers
Dimensions: 14.00" x 6.50" x 10.75" in
Color: White
Speeds: 3
Warranty: 3 Year Limited

The HEPAClean® Compact Air Purifier offers low maintenance, effective air cleaning with a long-life vacuum-able HEPA-Type filter. The 3-stage filtration system first helps clean the air by using a washable pre-filter to capture larger airborne particles. It then passes through the long-life HEPA-Type filter, capturing up to 99% of microscopic particles such as mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke and dust*. The filtered air then enters an ionizer field providing extra cleaning and air freshening. 

This model features 3 cleaning power selections and an electronic filter clean indicator to remind you when to vacuum or replace the filter.  For added convenience, it can be placed in a horizontal or vertical position to be used virtually anywhere - tabletop, counter, floor or nightstand.  This model is most effective in small size rooms and is ideal for the nursery, bedrooms, kitchen, office or den.

  • 99% Efficient, Long-life vacuum-able HEPA-Type Filter
  • 3 cleaning power selections
  • Electronic filter clean reminder
  • Optional on/off ionizer
  • Illuminated control panel
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

This air cleaner is ARB Certified to comply with the federal ozone emissions limit. The HEPAClean® Compact Air Purifier, model HHT-011 has been AHAM certified for use in rooms up to 85 sq. ft. It's certified CADR ratings are:

  • Dust CADR: 55
  • Smoke CADR: 55
  • Pollen CADR: 65
  • Room Size: 8.5'x10' (85 sq ft)

* From the air that passes through the filter.  The HEPA-Type filter helps capture airborne particles that are 2 microns or larger in size from the air that passes through the filter.

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