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Braun Forehead Thermometer

Model Number: FHT1000US
Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 4" in
Color: Green/White
Price: 49.99
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What I wanted
Quick and easy read - so far, very accurate
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So easy to use
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Audible Signal

Although I haven't had need to use this while I had a temperature, there is no audible signal telling me when the product is finished taking the temperature.  The instructions are unclear whether one should scan the full forehead, or only from the starting point (over the brow) to the same side's temple.  On occasion, when I check the results, it appears correct.  Sometimes, it has powered off.

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No replacement Protective Cap?
We just purchased this Thermometer two days ago. So far, it works very well and easily. There was no Protective Cover for the Sensor, however. We have the Forehead model. I called and there is no extra caps available? Suggestion was that I return it to the store I bought it from. That is a distance from us, unfortunately.
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Can't change to celcius
I need to take readings in celcius but it only takes readings in Fahrenheit?
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C to F

How can I change F to C dregres?

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How to change it from f to c ?

I would like it to display temperate in Celsius , how do you so that ?

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broken after 2-3 months

We have only had it this one since Nov of 2013 and it just keeps giving me an error msg. i have changed the batteries and still error msg. 

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Step 4 no Beep

I consider myself a pretty tech savvy person. I read directions several times, thinking I was missing something. I must have tried a 1000 times. When I would get to step 4 “At long beep, remove & read temperature. It would never beep….

  I watched a YouTube video posted by Kaz's  YouTube channel and it fails to mention a step 4... I believe there was a mistake when they printed the directions on the device. I don't think even has a speaker installed in it. If they can't test the product before releasing it to the public how do I trust it is even giving me the correct temperature reading.  

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F to C

How to change from F to C?

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