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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -- Thermometers

Question: *All Thermometers*-How do I register for my warranty?
Answer: We no longer have product registration. The terms of your warranty have not changed in any way. Simply hold on to your receipt and if you require service in the future please give us a call or send us an email.
Question: ****Tips for Using FAQ's*****
Answer: These FAQ's are in order by thermometer type and have some questions that are model specific. Please read through all of the FAQ's and if you do not find your question addressed, please send an email to consumerrelations@kaz.com or call 800-332-1110
Question: Model V955 Basal Thermometer-This thermometer is supposed to have a memory but it isn't working.
Answer: To access the memory feature in your unit, make sure the thermometer is off (Screen is blank) and then press and hold the button for about 10 seconds. The thermometer will look like it is just starting up like normal but then it will go into the memory mode and you should see an "M" on the screen.
Question: All Thermometers-Does my Thermometer contain mercury?
Answer: Kaz digital thermometers do not contain any mercury. However, the battery does continue small amounts of mercury and should be disposed as per local environmental procedures.
Question: All Thermometers-My old style thermometer is a mercury style. Are digital thermometers as accurate?
Answer: Kaz digital thermometers are accurate to within +/- 0.2 degrees.
Question: All Thermometers-My thermometer is not beeping, how come?
Answer: The beep this unit makes is of a frequency that we are finding some people have a hard time hearing. As long as the thermometer is starting up properly, it is working fine and the beeping is probably just outside of your hearing range. You can substitute a timed reading for the beep. Also, when the unit is done taking your temperature, the "F" on the screen will stop flashing.
Question: All Thermometers-My Thermometer is reading low, how can I fix it?
Answer: A few things to remember when taking your temperature with a digital thermometer...

1. Make sure you don't eat, drink, smoke or excercise 15 minutes before taking tempterature.

2. Make sure the thermometer is placed directly in one of the hot spots under the tongue.

3. Make sure you are pressing your tongue down hard on the thermometer and keeping your mouth tightly shut while taking your reading.

4. Make sure to hold the thermometer very very still while taking your reading.

Because this unit is trying to read a temperature in such a short amount of time, there is really no room for error or the unit will misread. Also, try leaving it in a little bit longer than the beep.

The way this thermometer works is that it starts reading your temperature and, in 6 second windows of time, is checking for an increase. As soon as it goes one 6 second window with no increase in the temperature it will think it is done and it will beep. If you are taking your temperature and move the thermometer while it is reading, it could cause the unit not to see an increase and beep.
Question: All Thermometers-What is a normal temperature?
Answer: Temperature readings vary from person to person. Although there is no one "normal" temperature reading, a temperature, taken orally, ranging between 97°F and 100°F is considered normal.
Question: All Thermometers-What is the measurement range of the thermometers?
Answer: All of our thermometers can register readings between 90 and 109.9 degrees.
Question: All Thermometers-Why is my thermometer always reading 98.6 degrees?
Answer: When the unit was packaged, there was a clear sticker placed over the display which reads "98.6" This is probably what you are seeing. You should be able to peel the sticker off by using your fingernail and then the thermometer should work just fine.
Question: BRAUN THEMOMETERS -How can I change the battery?
Answer: The thermometer is supplied with 2 lithium cells, type CR2032. If you have to insert a new batteries, proceed as follows:
Using the tip of a ball-point pen, press the battery door lock to open the battery compartment. Remove the batteries and replace them with the new ones, making sure the poles are in the right direction. Slide battery door back in until it snaps into place.
Question: BRAUN THEMOMETERS -How can I clear the memories?
Answer: Press the <> button for 5 seconds to clear the termperatures stored in memory. Release the <> button to return to the ready symbol.
Question: BRAUN THEMOMETERS -How can I recall temperatures stored in memory?
Answer: To enter the memory mode, press the <> button. Continue pressing the button to scroll through the previous temperatures.
Question: BRAUN THEMOMETERS -How can I switch between C and F?
Answer: 1) Switch on the thermometer (if it is already on, make sure it is not in memory mode)
2) Press the <> button and keep it pressed. Then press and release the activation button to switch over to the <> mode.
3) By pressing the activation button again, the Fahrenheit scale is activated, <<° F>> is displayed on the LCD. Each further pressing of the activation button toggles the scale between °C and °F.
4) Release the <> button to return to the ready symbol.
All temperatures stored in memory will automatically be converted to the selected scale when displayed on the LCD.
Question: BRAUN THEMOMETERS -What does the Err sign mean?
Answer: It means that the ambient temperature is not within the allowed operating range (50°F-104°F) or it is changing too rapidly. Allow the thermometer to remain in a room where the temperature is between 50°F and 104°F, for about 30 minutes before using the thermometer.
Question: Stick Thermometers-Does it make a difference where I take my temperature? (Oral, rectal underarm)?
Answer: Temperatures taken rectally will be about 1 degree higher than an oral reading.

Temperatures taken underarm will read about 1 degree lower than an oral reading.

Once you choose a method, you should stick with it in order to obtain consistent readings.
If you are unsure which method to use, you should consult with a professional. 
Question: Stick Thermometers-The instructions in my thermometer say to use a water soluble jelly, what is water soluble jelly?
Answer: You can find Water based jelly's in your local drug store. We recommend asking the pharmacist to guide you to the proper product.
Question: Stick Thermometers-What size battery does my thermometer take?
Answer: Kaz digital thermometers use a LR41 1.55v button size battery.

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