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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -- Air Purifiers

Question: ***Air Cleaner FAQ***
Answer: The FAQ's are sorted by type of air cleaner. Most questions should be answered within the "All Air Cleaners" Section. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please send an email to ConsumerRelations@kaz.com or call 800-332-1110
Question: ***All Air Cleaners***-How do I register for my warranty?
Answer: We no longer have product registration. The terms of your warranty have not changed in any way, simply hold on to your receipt and if you require service in the future please give us a call or send us an email
Question: ***All Air Cleaners***-What does HEPA stand for?
Answer: HEPA Stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA Filters are the most efficient filters available. Honeywell True HEPA Filters will capture 99.97% of all particles, .3 microns or larger, that pass through the filter.
Question: *All Air Cleaners*-I am looking for replacement parts for my unit, other than filters, where can I order them?
Answer: Unfortunately, for air cleaners, the only replacement parts we have available are filters. If you are looking for something other than a filter, please either call us at 800-332-1110 or email consumerRelations@kaz.com and let us know your model number, the length of time you have owned the unit, and a detailed description of what is wrong and how it happened.
Question: HEPA-I just bought a unit that says it's a lifetime HEPA filter...Is this still a TRUE HEPA Filter?
Answer: Yes, this filter is a TRUE HEPA filter. (Excludes Tower Models) It will capture 99.97% of all particles, .3 microns or larger, that pass through the filter. The only difference between this and replaceable HEPA filters is that the lifetime filter can be vacuum cleaned and should never need replacing under normal conditions.
Question: Model 16200-I just got this unit, the filter light is flashing and the reset didn't do anything, what should I do?
Answer: Some units came out of the factory still in a factory test mode. The reset on this is a little tricky but it should work. What you need to do is turn the unit on high and use a paperclip or ball point pen to hold in the reset button. Keep holding the button in and after 10 seconds, unplug the unit from the wall outlet (Keep holding the button in while doing this) and then replug the unit back into the outlet. Once the unit starts back up, let go of the button quickly and then press it again immediately (tap it) and then the flashing light should be gone.
Question: All Air Cleaners-Can I use this unit on voltage other than 120 if I use a converter?
Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot recommend using our units on foreign circuits with converters. The units have not been tested for use in this way and using a unit this way will void the warranty.
Question: All Air Cleaners-How come I have to put my unit 3 feet away from walls and furniture?
Answer: For proper air flow and to make sure you don't stain your walls or furniture, we recommend keeping the unit at least 3 feet away from walls or furniture. Keeping it this distance will ensure maximum efficiency.
Question: All Air Cleaners-How do I reset my filter monitor? (Not on All Models)
Answer: After you have changed or cleaned your filters, you must reset the filter monitor. To do this, turn the machine on and press and hold the appropriate button for up to 20 seconds. Once you let go of the button, the monitor should be reset.
Question: All Air Cleaners-How long should I run the air cleaner for?
Answer: Air cleaners are most effective if they are left running 24 hours a day. The motors are designed for this type of use and running your unit constantly will not damage the unit.
Question: All Air Cleaners-Is it OK to leave my windows/doors open with the air cleaner running?
Answer: You can leave your windows or doors open but it is not recommend. Having an open window or door will allow dirty air to constantly enter the room. Using an air cleaner in a closed space ensures the most effectiveness.
Question: All Air Cleaners-My Air cleaner was working properly and suddenly shut off, what should I do?
Answer: There is an internal circuit breaker which could have been tripped. You should unplug the unit and allow it to sit for about 12 hours. After this time, plug the unit back in to a working outlet and turn it on.
Question: All Air Cleaners-There is some staining on the walls/furniture/floor near my air cleaner, how come?
Answer: The way this unit works is that it draws in dirty air, filters out the particles, and then blows out the clean air. The dirty air is being drawn in through the bottom of the unit. Dirty air is simply air with particles in it, and some of these particles are going to stick to the areas that they are passing by, which is normally the floor around the bottom of the unit. The machine is not putting anything into your air or causing the staining, it is simply a build up of the particles in your air, getting stuck before entering the machine. We recommend placing a rug or something to that effect under the machine to prevent this. If the staining is on a wall or furniture, you should check to make sure your unit is at least 3 feet away from anything, on all sides. This is to ensure proper air flow around the unit and will prevent the unit from staining any wall or furniture.
Question: All Air Cleaners-What does CADR mean?
Answer: CADR, or Clean Air Delivery Rate, is the amount of cleaned air (measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM) that an air cleaner delivers to a room.  A higher CADR indicates greater ability to return clean air to the room. AHAM operates a test procedure and certification program to assure that manufacturers' CADR ratings are accurate.
Question: All Air Cleaners-What happens to bacteria and viruses caught in the air cleaner?
Answer: Bacteria and viruses cannot survive without water.  Most particles that are captured from the air were riding on a particle of moisture.  Once trapped in the filter, the moisture quickly evaporates and the bacteria/virus will die.
Question: All Air Cleaners-What is AHAM?
Answer: AHAM is the Association of Home Appliance Manufactures. AHAM tests and rates room air cleaner performance to give consumers a good basis to compare air cleaners.  It is important to know the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of the air cleaner and the size of the room where the product will be used in order to make an informed purchase decision
Question: All Air Cleaners-Why do I smell cigarette smoke even when the air cleaner is on?
Answer: Keep in mind that although airborne tobacco smoke particles will be picked up and removed by your air cleaner, some particles may cling to furniture, carpeting, drapery, etc. So, even though the smoke particles in the air you breathe will be greatly reduced by the use of your air cleaner, you may continue to notice smoke odor from the build up on home furnishings.
Question: All Air Cleaners-Why does the unit blow cold air?
Answer: Your air cleaner can not actually cool or heat the air that circulates through it. However, when air blows on you it may make you feel cold. You can avoid this by moving the air cleaner further away from you or directing the air stream away from you.
Question: HEPA-Can I wash my HEPA filter or Carbon Prefilter?
Answer: You should never get a HEPA filter or Carbon prefilter wet with any type of liquid. Wetting the filters will ruin them.
Question: HEPA-How come my aircleaner says it has Lifetime filters if I still have to change the prefilter?
Answer: Unfortunately, there is no way to make a washable carbon prefilter. The HEPA filter in your unit is a lifetime filter but the prefilter will require regular replacing every 1-3 months.
Question: HEPA-I just got a new unit/new filters for my unit and now my room smells funny.
Answer: The filters are treated with an antimicrobial chemical and some people are more sensitive to the smell than others. We recommend removing the prefilter from your unit and then putting just the HEPA filter inside and placing the unit outside, in a garage, or in a basement and allowing it to run for about 24 hours on high. This will remove any odor you are smelling and by running it outside, you are not just re-circulating the smell throughout your home, you are getting rid of it. Running it for this short period of time outside isn't going to affect the life of the filter.
Question: HHT-xxx Tower Models -My unit is brand new and it is making a whistleing sound, is this normal?
Answer: Please make sure the power is off and open your unit and remove the filters. Make sure the plastic bag that the filter came packaged in has been removed. Replace the filters, close the unit and turn it on, the noise should be gone.
Question: IFD or Ionizer-My air cleaner is causing electrical interference (Static) with my televison and/or radio, how can I fix this?
Answer: You should try moving your air cleaner to a different room of the house or to an outlet that you know is on a different circuit than your TV/radio.
Question: IFD-I Vacuumed my IFD Filter but it is still really dirty, is there anything else I can do?
Answer: You can wash your filter by following these steps:
1. Unplug the unit and remove the IFD Filter.
2. Fill the sink with warm water and add a few drops of mild dish soap.
3. Swish the filter around in this solution for about 5 minutes to clean the filter.
4. Rinse the filter for at least 10 minutes under warm running water.
5. Shake excess water from the filter.
6. Place on a towel and allow to dry completely for at least 12 hours before placing back in machine
Question: Model 10500-How do I open my air cleaner to change the filter?
Answer: The entire outer cage of your unit will come off. Unplug the unit and place it on the floor. Put your feet on either side of the unit so it is on the floor, inbetween your legs. Use your feet to hold the bottom portion of the unit in place while you turn the "cage" counter clock-wise to take the top off.
Question: Model 17005-My unit is plugged in and the display is on but I am unable to get the unit to turn on
Answer: Please check the display of the unit and make sure you don't see "PG1" or "PG2" anywhere on the screen. If you do see one of these on the screen, press the PROGRAM button repeatedly until the "PG1" or "PG2" disappears. Once they are not on the screen, you should be able to manually turn the unit on using the speed control buttons.
Question: Model 17xxx-My unit is running but I am unable to change the speed or turn it off using the buttons or the remote.
Answer: One of the buttons on your unit is probably stuck. You should examine the buttons, especially the one for the setting it is stuck on. Sometimes the buttons get stuck under the plastic housing and are constantly being pressed. Jiggling the button should free it and give you control of the unit again.
Question: Model 18xxx-Should I remove the styrofoam that is inside of my unit before I use it?
Answer: The Styrofoam inside of the unit is there as soundproofing material. You should leave this in place for your unit to work properly.
Question: Model 63-1530-How long do the UV Lights in my unit last?
Answer: If you are running your unit 24 hours a day, the UV Lights should last about 9 months.

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