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7 Watt Replacement Bulb

Model Number: BB07
Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 1"
Color: Black
Price: 13.99
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Stinger Replacement Lamp

I was real happy to find replacement lamps for my Stinger mosquito zapper.  The Stinger effectively eliminates mosquitos and the original lamp lasted 2 years although it is recomended to be replaced annually.  I received my order within 3 days thru kaz.com.

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Black light for Stinger

Your service was great and we received the item very quickly.  The only problem was once the bulb was inserted into the Stinger it only worked for less than 1/2 a day due to an obvious defect in the Stinger MK100S which we have subsequently returned to you for servicing.

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Stinger Bulb Replacement

I received this order quickly, with very easy "How to Replace Bulb" instructions.  Will reorder from here in future.

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Stinger Bulbs

I looked all over San Antonio, TX to find these bulbs.  They were not in any stores for special electrical parts or any hardware store.  I found this web site,  I ordered them and they were here within 2 weeks/  Thanks again Kaz.  I will be checking out you web site moe often.

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Stinger Bulb

Glad I could buy this bulb online because it was not available in any of the stores around here. IE: Home Depot, K-Mart, WalMart, or Lowes.

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Bug Light

Works okay, worth about $40 not 80.

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Bulbs are worthless.  They last about a month.  Fortunately the website says 1-year warranty, so this is the 3rd bulb replacement in a year.  Either the bulbs are manufactured to inferior specs or the lamp itself is defective.  Either way, a big hassle to deal with.

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