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Insect Zapper Lantern

Model Number: BKC90
Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 15" in
Color: Black
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Price: 29.99
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Awesome, works great

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Living in a humid climate the warm weather is a survival challenge against mosquitos. Walking in and out from my outside deck always runs the risk of mosquitos entering the house. I positioned one of the two Stinger Zapper Lanterns I purchased along the same wall as the door to the outside on a piece of furniture against the wall, which has worked very well I discovered upon checking the insect drawer after about a week. I have only used the UV setting so far, which also makes a pleasing night light with the violet color. I have not used the lure bait packets yet. The top of the unit has a very sturdy thick metal ring on the top that will lay flat if the unit is not hanging. I find the ring also a very useful handle to carry the unit. I especially like the design of the Stinger Zapper as it does not stick out like a sore thumb because of the pleasing style. I would recommend this product.
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Excellent Bug Zapper
This is a great product! Very reliable and durable. The battery idea is great and also durable. The power is nice and attracts bugs in general allowing you to control your bugs at home or nearby. Thanks!
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Is a good product for the price I wish the charge would last a little longer thought

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I am Keeping It !

Wanted something for inside the house and outside the house and I found it with 2000 V  this Bug Zapper works Fine.  I had one before that one had a little more UV light 15W which would seem to attract the Flies and mosquitos more  but this seems to do the job and it is cordless with ion battery which went longer than the manual said !!!  I would have given it a 5 Star rating if the UV light was a little bigger but that might reduce the operation of the charged ion battery ??  This Unit is working G-r-e-a-t ! 

At 2000V  Zapping is No Problem !!!

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useful product

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Below Average

I bought two. One works fine the second one after fully charging it several times it just runs for about 1 and half minutes and dies.  It has zapped a total of ZERO bugs.  Now where did I put my fly swatter, that will at least rate three stars.

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Stinger Insect Zapper only worked for 4 months

The Stinger Insect Zapper was purchased in July 2013 and used until November 2013. It was then cleaned, packed away in the original box and stored indoors until today. When the product was unpacked and plugged in, it failed to charge at all, and neither the UV or LED lamps would work. We purchased replacement UV bulbs to ensure that it was simply not a blown bulb, but this did not rectify the problem. We will be asking for a replacement as the unit is not even a year old.

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My Review
I cant really give an accurate review. The Mosquito Lure was missing from the box. I submitted an email for the lure. Hopefully they will not charge me.
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