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Portable Bug Zapper

Model Number: BKR200
Dimensions: 21" x 9" x 2" in
Color: Grey
Price: 12.99
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Works Great

Received the Stinger for my birthday and my husband and grandson love it!  I ordered one for my Grandson for his birthday.  Would recommend.  Had a nice flat end to hold against a wall, etc to flip bug onto the grid.

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I love the stinger.It WAS the perfect solution for those annoying mosquitoes and flies...

WORKS great!!! Amazing product for a very good decent price....

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large bug zapper

Works  great.  New design fits in corners, stronger voltage results in immediate termination of larger creepy crawlers.  I love it!

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Stinger Bug Zapper

I bought the Stinger Bug Zapper to zap pesky flies in my office. Since I received my zapper I have not seen one fly, it appears just having the zapper on my desk is enough of a deterrent!

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Stinger bug zapper

Works as advertised - electrocutes bugs - very satisfying

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Quit Right Away - Garbage

Put brand new batteries in.  The light lit once and that was it.  Never worked again.  Garbage

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stinger QUIT after 1 use

already submitted review .. stinger QUIT  after 1 use ... not interested in return or exchange .. too much hassle .. very pleased with prior purchase of Pur filters .. dont send any more reviews ...


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Worked a few times then shorted out

We've had this bug zapper for a few months and it worked great until the first time you smack a surface then it shorted out.  They claim the rubber neck allows for hitting surfaces but the wiring is classic Chinese junk.  Tried new batteries but only get flickers of red light to show working. 

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