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24 Watt Replacement Bulb

Model Number: B24B
Dimensions: 2" x 1" x 12"
Color: Black UV
Price: 19.99
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Stinger black light

Great product - does all it says and then some!!

We have family members whose immune systems are compromised and have to be extremely careful about being outdoors,

especially in S. Texas and possible West Nile virus. 

The lamp is in the back yard and takes care of the flying insects,  making it possible to enjoy time outside.

Thank you so much.

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Great product

Thids product is great. I have used your products for over 10 years with great success. You are #1 in my book of bug zappers.

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Great product

Thids product is great. I have used your products for over 10 years with great success. You are #1 in my book of bug zappers.

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24watt Bulb for Stinger Bug Zapper

The black light bulb attracted more bugs than the white one did.  I like the black one better than the white one for that reason.  I have had to use a broom and dust pan to clean up all the bugs off the cement under the bug zapper and clean out the bug zapper every day since I put it in as it also has had bugs piled in it.  I have been getting 2 dust pans full of bugs in one night.  Plus the bulbs are very easy to replace and I like the blue color it puts off at night, as it is not a bright as the white bulb.  I much prefer the black one overall.

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Stinger 24 watt replacement bulb

The product arrived very fast, in excellent condition and is installed and working well.

Thank you for your fanastic service.

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Happy with it for three years and counting...

Good bug light. I like the blacklight as opposed to a regular bulb because the blacklight doesn't interfere with the my view of the night sky. In other words it doesn't contribute to the light pollution that there is so much of anymore. However I do wish that replacement bulbs and mosquito bait refills were a little more accessible in local stores.

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Replacement Bulb

The bulb arrived soon after the purchase and was used to replace one that wouldn't work. It works fine and has a deeper dark blue than the original bulb. I don't know if that is better or worse yet as I haven't had time to check its performance. But it looks nice when lit.

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Nothing but trouble

I figured buying this bug zapper it would work great, but this will be my 5th time sending it back because the plastic melts and shorts out the unit everytime there is heavy bug activity, plus most of the bugs don't even drop, but constantly build up on the wires.  I just wish I would get one that would last me more than 2 weeks instead of spending my time and money sending it back everytime I turn around.  You figure for what they charge for these things you could atleast get your moneys worth out of them.   They need to quit trying to make them better and stick to the old fashion ones without all the plastic. 

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