15 Watt Flat Panel Insect Killer
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: FP15-CR
Product ID: 4329874398795
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1/2 Acre Flat Panel Insect Killer

Model Number: FP15-CR
Category: Insect Control
Room Size: 1/2 Acre

The FP15-CR Flat Panel Insect Killer from Stinger can attract and kill many annoying flying insects.  This results in a more pleasant outdoor environment for you and your family.

How it Works
A 15 watt ultraviolet light excites insects and lures them into an electric grid where they are electrocuted and fall harmlessly to the ground.


  • For small sized yards - up to ½ acre coverage
  • 1000 volt power
  • 15 watt ultraviolet white light bulb
  • Plugs into 120v outlet
  • For outdoor use only


  • New innovative design with quiet zapping power
  • Flat panel grid design offers 50% more kill area than competitive units
  • Easy bulb replacement
  • No assembly
  • Works 24 a day
  • Low maintenance - no bags to empty 
  • Works with NØsquito by Stinger NS16 octenol lure to improve mosquito attractancy (lure not included) 
  • Note: This product uses a lamp that contains Mercury, dispose accordingly to Local, State or Federal Laws