The ingredients in the lure are proven to attract mosquitos to the bug zapper using scent. Using a lure will make bug zappers even more effective.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: NS16
Product ID: 93bd803bd3c1104132ec60b61a72ae1f
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NOsquito Mosquito Attractant

Model Number: NS16
Category: Insect Control
Dimensions: 8.75" x 0.00" x 6.00" in
Color: Orange

The NOsquito NS16 Mosquito Lure from Stinger is an EPA approved lure proven to attract mosquitoes. 

How it Works

When used with all Stinger Insect Killers, the NOsquito Octenol lure can optimize mosquito attraction – luring more mosquitoes to outdoor insect killing devices. Attracted mosquitoes are drawn into Stinger insect killers where they are electrocuted and fall harmlessly to the ground or tray.


  • Compatible with all electronic insect killers
  • EPA approved; independent lab tested
  • Lures mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus
  • Easy to install
  • Replace every 30 days for optimum performance
  • Not available for sale in Canada
  • This package contains one lure.