3 Pack of lures, enough to last the whole season! The ingredients in the lure are proven to attract mosquitos to the bug zapper using scent. Using a lure will make bug zappers even more effective.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: NS16-T
Product ID: 71122bfd6fd323fa1fb0e060c7b957d4
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NoSquito Mosquito Attractant 3-Pack

Model Number: NS16-T
Category: Insect Control
Color: Orange(old) or White (new)
  • Replace every 30 days for optimum performance
  • Use with all models of electronic zappers
  • 3 Pack of lures

The lures have been redesigned.  The old lure and the new lure both work and fit the units in the same way.  We will be shipping the old style until we run out and then start shipping the new style.  To see a photo comparison of the lures please click here