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SoftHeat Deep Muscle Therapy

Model Number: HC1400-9-N
Dimensions: 8" x " x 11" in
Color: White
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
Price: 20.99
Sale Price: 19.99
Save: $1.00 (4% off)
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My wife is very pleassed with her new unit.   She usess  these for her knees.  AS she is full of arithiritus.  We now have 3 of these pads.  Two with chemicol on one with the beads.

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This is an excellent product for sore muscles and backaches due to overexertion and/or arthritis.  It delivers warm, moist heat and fits wherever needed.  The temperature is precise when heated correctly and lasts for an hour; and because of this, can be used safely while lying down in bed.  I will never return to an electric heating pad.  Its compact size can be used while driving, at the office. I have strongly recommended it to many co-workers.  This past winter season has been particularly hard on the back with shoveling.  I warm it up and apply it to the back while shoveling.



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kaz soft heat pad

This item is great. It is very mobile in the sense that i am not tethered to an electrical heater cord.

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I would buy it again!

Great product! I bought this 4 years ago. This one is a replacement. I would buy again!

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Wonderful product

This is a wonderful product but cannot find it at Walmart now that I need one for a gift. I am ordering a replacement for me as I use the other one on my arthritic dog. I will buy again and again!


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Heating Pad
Love the pad. It really helps
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Soft Heat Deep Heat Therapy

I have been using Kaz products for several years and have recommended them to my friends without reservation.  They make a big difference in my being able to manage my muscle pain and stay active.  Recently I purchased the Soft Heat Deep Heat Therapy pad, and in fact, am lying on it as I type this.  I love the fact that they are reusable--I  pop my Kaz products in the Microwave over and over again.  They really work, and I am grateful that they are available at a reasonable price.

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Moist Heat pack is great!

This is a great product, although it did take some time to receive it (shipping was slow), and it is smaller than the picture seeemed to suggest.  But it is the best moist heat product I've been able to find & works great!

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SoftHeat HC1400-9-N Deep Muscle Therapy

Product is as advertised.   It works just like I thought it would.  I wish it was bigger for the price.

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Small and Poor Heat Retention

I was skeptical that this product could produce moist heat without having to use any water, but the beads really do give off a good amount of nice, moist heat. The problem is that it doesn't stay hot long enough; I think 10 minutes is about it, then it rapidly cools - it certainly does not stay hot for as long as the gel-based hot/cold packs. The other thing is that this pad is really too small for the average man's lower back, and it's not flexible enough to wrap comfortably on your neck, feet, or arms.

Also, although it says that this product can be used as both a hot and cold pack, it does not get cold at all in the freezer.

All in all, the utility of this product is fairly low.

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I was disappointed with this heating pad.  I was looking for a heating pad without an odor after heating it.  It rated well according to the lack of odor.  However, i was very disappointed in its heat retention.  It doesn't hold heat for very long and after having it for only 2 weeks, and heating it up for 1-2 minutes each time, it melted a hole.  Plus it was annoying having to heat it without the sack and then to get it back in after heating it..not too difficult but not as user friendly as i prefer so back to the flax and rice bags i go!

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