Melt away the pain and stresses of a long day with the Mind + Body Care by SoftHeat Wellness Wrap.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: HC1475
Product ID: faa9528c25ac4d35a00c3874f8ed7bc5
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Mind + Body Care Wellness Wrap

Model Number: HC1475
Category: Heating Pads
Dimensions: 15.20" x 19.00" x 1.50" in
Color: Green and white
Warranty: 2 Year limited
Price: $22.99
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Melt away the pain and stresses of a long day with the Mind + Body Care by SoftHeat Wellness Wrap. When the aches and tension build up in your neck and shoulders, its therapeutic microbeads will provide you with soothing warm natural relief.

Relieve. Relax. Restore.

  • Therapeutic microbeads hug the body for soothing comfort and relief.
  • Flexible, moist heat comfort that melts away stress and tension.
  • Dual-sided relief for aches and pains.

Flexible Convenience

  • Can be used to provide soothing relief to a variety of areas of the body, including the upper back, shoulders, and lower back.
  • Removable, washable cover is made from organic materials.
  • Unlike other organic choices, its microbeads will not attract mold and mildew. It will remain odor free and will not dry out.
  • Warm or cool - it can be used both ways. It's useful whether you're looking to loosen a tight muscle group with some soothing warmth or ease the suffering of inflammation, joint pain, or arthritis with soothing cool relief.
  • It's easy to prepare.  Simply warm it in the microwave for warm heat relief or cool it in the freezer for cool relief.

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Ships today if you purchase 2nd or 3rd day shipping and your order is completed before 1PM EST

Customer Reviews

Mind + Body Care Wellness Wrap
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Nice weight, good product

The weight of the filler makes it nicely lay deep into the curves to really get into the painful areas.  It stayed warm pretty well, though not as long as I expected. I appreciate it not getting too hot so you can safely fall asleep with this on without worry of getting burnt like I've had with electric heating pads. And this one won't spring a leak if it is in the microwave a few seconds too long like some gel packs do.  I also like not having any wires so you can get up & walk around if you have to.  But it is much heavier in the back than in the front so it can fall off or even slide down fairly easily if you are sitting upright.  If they make any improvements on this item I would suggest a tie or velcro flap between the front tabs to hold it on better.  I love the removeable, washable cover.   It seems to be made well & I expect it to be quite durable.  Overall it is a very nice product.

Moist heat/cold pack

I already had the SoftHeat HC-9-N Deep Muscle Therapy pad that I really like, but I am quite disappointed in this one.  I thought it would be using the same micro beads?  It doesn't stay warm for as long as I thought it would considering that you put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, I know the other one doesn't take that long.  I know it isn't as big either.  The beads also move around too much, hard to adjust, they will lump together in one place like the front where you don't need them and you have to keep adjusting them.There aren't any sections to keep them evenly distributed, I am just not happy with it.  I thought it would go up further on my neck and further out on my shoulders from the picture, and I am a small person, I'm sure smaller than the lady in the picture.

Very disappointed in this product!


Heating Pads

I thought I was ordering electric heatying pads, and to my surprise i have to heat them in the microwave to work. They don't get hot enough or last long enough. I have not tried to freeze them yet, but this could be a better use for them unfortunately. 

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