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Advanced Faucet Water Filter - Chrome

Model Number: FM-3700B
Dimensions: 8" x 7" x 3"
Color: Chrome
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
Price: 34.99
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great product, great customer service

We've had this filter for over a year and it works great.  Recently the plastic faucet adapter fell off, along with the entire filter, and the threading was worn so that it could not reattach.  I called 1800PURLINE, was on the phone for less than 5 minutes and received 2 new faucet adapter kits via UPS within a few days at no cost to me.  Great customer service!  By the way, the new faucet adapters have metal threading so they should last even longer. 

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Good product that can be a better product

The product works great! The design is great and simple to use without having to install a complex system. Installation of the product is simple and easy. Changing out the filter is easy and easy to change out. The light indicator is visible enough to let you know it is about time to change out the filter. The filter does makes a difference in taste of the water. The adapter is easy to install. However, the adapter design will be most effiecient when it does not leak water out after using for a few weeks. The seal at the adapter between the faucet does not provide a tight seal. It seems that the preassure from the faucet forces some water to leak out to the exterior.

Customer service is excellent in getting new adapter. They are pleasant in their tone in responding to the call in. They seem understanding to the issue provided. It seems that the company knows of the adapter issue not having a tight seal. Thus, customer service have no qualms sending out the adapters. If that is the case, what are the designers and management willing to do about the adapter's seal.

Overall, the product is good at filtering out what it says it does. The percentage of filtering that occurs is anyone's best guest, but taste is much better compared to unfiltered water.

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Leaks leaks leaks leaks

I'm writing this as my wife - who has to take a shower every time we use our kitchen faucet is too livid to be able to do this.

We've used pur water filters for years without incident.  We moved to a new home and this was the only style that they carried.  We purchased it and in a short time it started to spray from the faucet connector. We contacted customer service who said that our experience was unusual and they sent us new connectors.  We've done this three times - and always the same problem.  It will work for a bit and then the drips start and eventually a full blown spray that is SOOOO ANNOYING! One doesn't expect to take a shower at the kitchen sink.  

We asked for a replacement unit altogether and were told that we could only get more adapters.  

We are satisfied with the rest of the unit.  It is just frustrating that this company can't come up with a solution.  I thought we were unique until I started to look online and found that a multitude of others have had the same miserable experience.  

How hard can it be to provide parts that will work?  Our home is brand new - so it's not like we've got some old broken down faucet. 

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