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Honeywell Quietcare™ Cool Moisture Humidifier Product Reviews

 HCM-630 Quietcare™ Cool Moisture Humidifier

Model Number: HCM-630

Category: Humidifiers

Color: white

Room Size: Large 

Wattage: 44

Warranty: 5 Year Limited

Price: $54.99

Sale Price: $49.99

Save: $5.00 (9% off)

Honeywell Quietcare™ Cool Moisture Humidifier Details

Honeywell Quiet Care

Great product - Nice and quiet, seems to move alot of air.

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Honeywell Quietcare humidifier

I am very pleased with the Honeywell Quietcare humidifier.  I fill the water tank each afternoon and run it at night in the bedroom.  It is quiet enough so that our sleep is not disturbed.  One tank full of water is usually put into the air in about 10 hours.  So far I am pleased with the machine.

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Very Pleased

Our old QuietCare of 4years was becoming a little noisy.  No wonder..we use it constantly in the Winter!  We ordered 2 new ones (a little smaller since we're older) and are very pleased with them.  We prefer the closure of the tank on the tower, but will continue to learn just how much to tighten the lid on the new ones.  They can be a "bear" for older, arthritic hands, but we'll keep after it.  Guess that's a testament to how much we like them!  Service has been stellar!

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Washer at fill after filling have to use 200 pounds of preasure to tighten the caver or it leaks .

other than the above complaint I have no problem yet.

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Work Well

Great product to buy. Work well!

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good value

good deal for the price.

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Solid product

Relatively quiet operation.  Good product. Inability to direct air flow vertically is a drawback.

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So far it's good

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I bought this humidifier a year and a half ago.  It is VERY loud considering it is called Quiet Care, the filters fall apart too quickly and it is difficult to fill because one has to hold the refill container up so it won't fall over in the sink.  This humidifier has been a huge disappointment. 

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Quiet Humidifier

The HCM-630 is quiet, fast and effective. We bought the smaller unit for our upstairs and it is much quieter than our larger tank unit downstairs, but it effectively humidifies the entire upstairs in short order.

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Was quieter

I have owned the HCM-630 for three years and it has performed admirably in that time: quiet, easy to clean, humidifies as it should.   Recently, I needed another one for my office but this new one turned out to be twice as loud as my first unit, even on the the lowest fan speed.  For me, the noise from the fan is too loud to sleep though, so I returned it the next day.  The box may claim it is "40% quieter" but don't be fooled by this.  Will be looking for another cool moisture humidifier.

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Haven't used it long enough yet to accurately review. HOWEVER ... it IS quieter than a VICKS product I had previously.

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The tank should be flat on top to make it easier to fill

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very very good

help me breath all night, I had a good sleep. Thank you

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This item replaces an older version of this humidifier.  I love how quite it is!!  My other one lasted a long time, but I thought it was time to replace it.  My only complaint is that the water tank won't stand upside down.  Filling it takes two hands, maybe three.





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Wish it could push out more moisture. The dry air from my furnace seems to over power it.

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i was not happy with this product--it is hard to fill, the directions to set amount of humidy are not clear--i wish i could exchange this for honnetwell quiet care 3 gallon with automatic digital control

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I had a previous model of a humidifier from Honeywell and it worked very well for 3 years. Unfortunately I dropped the water container and it broke, Hence, I just replaced and expect it will work just as well it Regards and Seasons greetings. John Mackay

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The previous model had a handle on top of the water container. It allowed the water container to stand upside down for easy filling.

The new model has a grip instead of a handle that makes it impossible for the water container to stand upside down for filling. Unless you have a deep sink, it is now very difficult to fill the water container. You have to balance it upside down against your body, holding it with one hand while using the free hand to fill a pitcher and pour the water into the water container. If you are not very careful, the precariously balanced water container tips over during filling and you have a major mess on your hands (and feet).

Is this supposed to be an improvement on the previous model ?

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QuietCare Humidifier Model HCM-630

The humidifier is quiet, but I wished that it had a shut off switch when the tank is dry

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Product review

This Honeywell humidifier was very quiet  and easy to handle.

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Honey well HCM 630

Had it for just about a week and will not turn anymore????

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availability of replacement filters and Protec cleaning cartridges

I received the humidifier as a gift and went to purchase the Protec cleaning cartridge which was not included in the original purchase. I still haven't been able to find one; therefore, I still haven't been able to use the unit. I couldn't even find the cartridge on-line to purchase.

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A Great Product!

This is a great product!  It is quiet, and humidifies my bedroom perfectly!  However, there are two things I do not like about this humidifier:

1.  The rounded shape of the water tank makes it hard to fill in the sink.  The tank will not sit by itself and has to be held.  It is awkward and cumbersome.

2.  The filters start to fall apart after a couple of weeks of use.  Very messy, expensive, and disappointing.

Overall, a great product with a bad water tank design and crummy filters.

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Very good product for large rooms.

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HCM-630 Humidifier

Our home was exceedingly dry and this appliance, in the few days we have had it running, has provided a much more comfortable atmosphere, especially for sleeping.

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So Far So Good

We,ve been using the humidifier for about 2 weeks now, and it seems to be doing it's job well. We can feel the difference in our bedroom, running this machine during the night.

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I have only had this humidifier for about 2 weeks but so far I am satisfied with it.  I have it in our dining room where most of my plants are that need the humidity.   I fill it up once in the morning and again in the evening so it goes through about 2 gallons of water in 24 hours.  It is a little hard to fill because the bottom of the water jug is rounded so it doesn't sit up on it's own in the sink, but the design of the handle makes it easier to grab and remove it from the carriage since the water jug is in the back of the unit.  I have had it set on high the whole time as our old house is really dry with a forced air furnace.  On the high setting it is about as loud as the medium setting on our little Vicks humidifier that we have upstairs in our bedroom.  In my opinion it is quiet enough to not be annoying and the "white noise" is tolerable compared to the benefits that the humidity provides. 

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Works Great!  Not too noisy since it is very quiet to run. 

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QuietCare Humidifier

This was the 3rd humidifier we tried out in 2 weeks. This was the only one to meet our standards, quiet operation and it kept the humidity at our comfort level at the low fan speed 95% of the time.

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Quiet Comfort!

I have had my share of humidifiers over the years, but this unit takes the cake. Having COPD, I needed a quiet running unit during my sleeping hours to help in my breathing and obtaining a quality nights rest. Thank you Honeywell!

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Very satisfactory

Quiet,efficent and easy to operate

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I wish the reservoir was larger.  It is quiet and does a large room....but our room is huge and a bigger unit with more output would be better.  So far this has been in the top

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Replacement filters

Have been using this humidifier for two years - it works great. Have been complaining about the cost of replacement filters to no avail - have asked for a replacement that was like the one that came with it.....not available and now.......I get my new order and there's a filter in each box that is half as thick as the earlier ones - get less pay more ??? That's not right.

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Need Help

I love the product. I've had it for 2 years and it started leaking. I clean it as the direction state. I pulled it out for this season and it leaks water everywhere. Its not the tank...I've been troubleshooting for a week and can't figure out the problem.

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So far so good on the Honeywell cool moisture humidifier no complaints .

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motor is noisy

I like the humidity output of this machine but the motor is becoming increasingly noisy.

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