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Vicks Warm Moisture Humidifier Product Reviews

 V750 Warm Moisture Humidifier

Model Number: V750

Category: Humidifiers

Dimensions: 10.63 x 6.38 x 12.80 in

Color: White with blue tank

Room Size: Medium/Large 

Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty

Price: $39.99

Vicks Warm Moisture Humidifier Details

Love it!

Purchased this humidifier for my home to replace an old vaporizer. My daughter has this same model for our grandson and was very pleased with it, so when I needed a new one it was my first choice. Cleaning and disinfecting are simple and easy. The unit comes apart and reassembles without complication, and dishwasher disinfection could not be easier. Instructions are easy to follow, so set up is a breeze. Operation is very quiet. My granddaughter wakes easily and she slept all night with the unit next to her crib. It has ample warm mist output and helped her to breathe and rest with her stuffy nose. There is nothing negative about this unit at all!

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Best value

Best value on the market. Bought 2 twice for a total a 4. The pro's are that they produce a lot of warm mist and run all night long.

The con is that with any humidifier, for trouble free operation, you must use distilled water. It's just the reality.

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This product is much better then I expected.V750 Warm Mist Humidifer

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Love it.

Perfect size sleek design easy to use.

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Vicks Warm Mist air humidifier

So far, so good!  I purchased this humidifier, after I'd already purchased and used a cold-mist humidifier.  While both will work to add moisture to the air, a big problem with the cold-mist type is the NOISE.  Some people might consider that to be an advantageous, background white-noise feature, but I did not.  To me, it was annoyingly noisy and enough to interfere with falling asleep at night.


So, I am very pleased with this make and model.  I use distilled water because my tap water is extremely hard.  If you do the same, be sure to purchase a case of distilled water at a time.  A half-gallon of water is easily vaporized in one night.

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Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

Just purchased it today and giving it its first run.  Quite honesty I find this product to be very noisey -- anything but quiet.  I am considering returing it based on it.  One of my friends has a Holms Cool Mist Humidifier and you wouldn't even know it is on -- it is more than quiet. 

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vicks himidifier

It seems to be workin nicely

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Vicks V750

I LOVE this humidifier!  Puts out a decent amount of steam..I tend to like the gurgling noise, not too loud.  It's a nice design, I like how they made the water fill opening larger but don't like that the carry handle was removed.  I also have a 745 Model.  Love that one too!  The only reason I gave this unit 4 stars is because I wish it could hold 1.5 gallons or even 2 for that matter.  In about 10 hours, this humidifier runs nearly completely out of water.  ALTHOUGH...thats's 10 hours in these terribly cold temperatures with little to no in house humidity.  So still even that's pretty good :)  My old 745 leaked after awhile, but they all normally do...so place your unit on a flat, water resistant surface.  I have mine on a large step stool so it is away from the wooden furniture and that way I can just fold the stool every morning and scoot it out of the way. No regrets!

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Vicks Humidifier

Product works very well. Quality of air is much improved. Helps with ease of breathing at night.


Highly recommended.

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Model V-750

Excellent performance.However, the run time shown for a full tank is not completely accurate. I put exactly 1gal. to test the run time on low and it gave approx. 15 hrs. before the water tank was empty. I gal. on the hight speed gave approx.11-12 hrs.    This is still more than enough time to go all night without any worry. I checked several other brands and found some of  them do not have as many features for this price range. All that I checked had the water add feature on the bottom with the  screw off lid   that does seal properly,however as the precaution warned, do not overtighten or you might put excessive pressure on the seal and cause to leak. I would never put any humidifier on any dresser or nightstand or any type furniture because of the possibility of a water leak at the screw on cap.I believe the water add placement could be at the top, then the only chance of a leak would be at the very small pop-up ring in the center bottom of the water tank, but this would probably never happen because the small water holding area just below the tank causes water to seek its own level from the pressure of the water tank above. I chose Vicks because of their excellent reputation. Very excellent product.

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Compact yet effective

My wife and I bought this humidifier for our infant when she was having significat upper respiratory symptoms.  It was extrememly effective at thinning her secretions.  I appreciate that it does not monopolize too much real estate in her room.

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Compact yet effective

My wife and I bought this for our child when she was having upper respiratory issues.  It helped immensely in thinning out her secretions.  I appreciate that it doesn't monopolize too much real estate in her room.

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Noisy-light stopped working after a week.

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Just picked up the Vicks V750 Warm Mist Humidifier from Wal-Mart, easy to assemble, easy to use and works like a charm! Highly recommended for the dry winter months.

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model V750

HELP...I just bought this product and 'trying to use it for the first time'.  Followed directions on set up; base is level but after not even 5 minutes the RED LIGHT comes on and quits w/the steam.   Turned off, waited 15-20 minutes and tried again.  Its done this three times.  Whats wrong?  I need some help here.   I had the older one I bought in 2009 and never a problem w/it till it just gave out yesterday and I was so happy with my older one I decided to buy this one.  Please help, needing advise.   Ms. Donna Walker from Indiana

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warm humidifier

Worked well until I disassembled it for cleaning. The heating chamber part got it parts melted and flake off.

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Love this Humidifier.

Cleaning is a bit "to do" but thank goodness it is only once a week!

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Well made product and is very quiet.  We use it in our bedroom for healthy air in the dry months.  And it is priced right !

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