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Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer Product Reviews

 V200 Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

Model Number: V200

Category: Humidifiers

Color: Blue/White

Wattage: 638 maximum

Warranty: 3 Year Limited

Price: $25.99

Vicks Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock

V200 Vaporizer

It worked great for the initial couple of months.  Not sure what went wrong subsequently, the light glows, but the vapor stopped coming out.  Hopefully it is a minor problem that I am trying to get fixed with warranty.

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simple idea that work excellently

This humidifier use two electrodes, and the water as current conductor. Electric current flow thru the water generate heat and boil the water. When the water is empty the current stop flowing automatically. No thermostat, no fuse, no complicate controller very robust.

I bought two of them and they are  still working after over 10 years. The only maintenance is to clean the electrodes after each season. Remove all mineral deposit on the electrodes using emery paper. There is no white dust deposit on the furniture of my room as in ultrasonic humidifier.

Over 10 years period I have been moving from place to place with different water hardness. Just follow the instruction either dilute with distilled water or add salt. Never have problem.

I am converting it to use as warm mist generator for my terrarium this comming winter . Excellent product for the money.!!!


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The only thing I don't like about this model is that it is difficult to empty all of the water for cleaning.  If it

was shaped differently, to allow the water to be drained easier, it would deffinatly get a 5 STAR rating from  me!

(I had an older model for over 20 years without any problems!  It was eaiser to empty and it would get a 5 Star

rating from me.)   2 Gallons of water ~ I love the size.  Large enought to last through the night and

small enought to be able to handle fairly comfortably.


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Does not last a full night.  It starts fine, but only lasts maybe 4 to 5 hours at most.  I clean every day and get a lot of black.  At 1 week i did soak in vinegar, but still to me not working as well as i thought.

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Listen Up People

When running on straight tap water the carbon electrodes will build up a black skin around them.  You will see chunks breaking off into the reservoir.  If you unplug and disassemble you can clean the electrodes with a green pot scrubber.  When they skin over they no longer transmit electricity and you will get no steam.  It is a very simple fix and a very simple design.

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works great, but maintenance is no joy

these humidifiers are the only steam vaporizers available, so i keep buying them. i don't like that they have quite a limited life, unless you mess around with weekly (or LESS) maintenance. if you skip a cycle, or wait too long, you just made yourself a single-season vaporizer.

wish there was another option. buying replacement diodes?

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I have bought 4 of these type units in the past 18 months and 2 have just quit working, one didn''t work at all and the last one sounds like a freight train!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called and it took them 2 hours to answer the phone. They said I have to pay to send it to them and they will send me one back. All the time my grandson is getting sicker without it! I hate that the corner the market on this type of unit. I am going to look into a professional unit as this unit is awful and it smokes so bad I couldn''t even see my grandson in his crib. The unit they are sending has bad reviews too mostly to cracking and leaking I think this will be a disaster too. SAD THAT I WAS FORCED TO GIVE IT ONE STAR OR YOU COULDN"T COMMENT ON THE UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Best vaporizer for the money

I love Vicks vaporizers - so easy to clean, and you can increase the amount of steam by adding a little more salt.   I tired other warm steam units and the calcium build up is a pain to deal with.  No more soaking my vaporizer with vinegar.  Soap, water and a little bleach to kill bacteria.  I also like the handle option, make carrying easier.  



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Been really good for my faily so far.

I owned this one now going on 9 years and never had a problem with it. Most of it is a little preventive maitence when your done with it clean it and remove any build up on the carbon electrobes. wash it down with vinger and put it away for the next use. and its has traveled all over the US and europe with me. So its treated my family and me as good as i treated it. Which is more than i can say for the older ones that i used from friends.

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I have bought several of these over the years, and they work really great. It holds a lot of water and it shuts off automatically when the water level is low. Have had no trouble with it as long as I rinse away the flakes that occur from the electrolysis process.

My only complaint involves the central heating element. The metal bars dissolve after a couple of years (as expected), and the entire unit has to be replaced because the 'working' part is not available for separate replacement purchase.

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V200 Vaporizer

OK Unit!

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