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Vicks Vaporizer with Nightlight Product Reviews

 V105SG Vicks Vaporizer with Nightlight

Model Number: V105SG

Category: Humidifiers

Dimensions: 19.75 x 0 x 21.50 in

Color: Blue/White

Wattage: 638 maximum

Warranty: 3 Year Limited

Price: $17.99

Sale Price: $9.99

Save: $8.00 (44% off)

Vicks Vicks Vaporizer with Nightlight Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock



i suggest printing model  number in instruction book where instructions to register product are located!  I had to look at the packing box to find the model no. Then the number on the box was longer  than the choices in this register program, really no big problem, just a bit of a nuicance.

Hmidiffier  wo.rks well!!

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Great Humidifier

This is a wonderful product, easy to use and easy to clean..  The little light is grea as well, the fact that you do not always have to replace a filter is great! 

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Quiet humidifier

The Kaz humidifier with nightlight is quiet and efficient.   The water capacity allows it to run most of the day.  Night light feature prevents you from tripping over it in the dark. I highly recommend this.  Great value for its price.

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Improved - smaller size tank and easy to handle and fill, etc.

This unit has been remodelled with alot of good improvements over previous models.   The size and shape of the water tank has been made smaller and thus easier to handle.   Prior older units had a wider water tank base that was very difficult to filled from your bathroom sink.  It wouldn't fit under the sprout of the bathroom sink easily because how wide it was back then. This unit now sports a much smaller width tank with molded areas for your hands to grip it better when its filled and less arkward to walk with when filled.  There is now a max water level indicator on the top of the lower left corner or upper right corner depending on how you hold the unit.  Also when you want to empty out the tank, it now has a molded lip so that water can be poured out more easily. Where the steam comes out is now covered a bit with grill type guard which is nice, previous older models just had the opening exposed. Another nice feature is that when you want to rotate the head of the unit, it is now contoured with the tank so that it stays in that direction. Previous older models, it would slide back and forth, the newer model lets you have some degree of directing the slow soft vapors.  The night light features is now  the traditional green color of Vicks brand and has a softer glow to it.  The previous models had a whte/yellow tint night light that was somewhat brigther. Some would say too bright for a night light.   The soft  vapors that the unit produces is still the same technology as previous models to provide as it is released warm gentle steam via carbon heating element probes.  The only sound you will hear is the boiling of the water and its a gentle boiling sound. Depends on the hardness of your water.  I never had to use any pinch of salt as suggested in the manual. I just used the tap water straight.

   Note: Minor  awareness; some of the boxes will include coupons for other various Vicks Products. For some odd reason they put the coupons inside the water tank, so remember to look for them and take it out of the tank before filling with water.  I would suggest they instead put the coupons with the fanfold instruction manual rather than in the water tank.

Overalll,  Its a great inexpensive unit to have for your room during those cold winter nights where the air is very dry or if your pediatrician suggest a non-cold steam  vaporizer for the baby room. Check with your pediatrician first if needed. 

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Great Humidifyer

This humidifyer is great it is a wonderful unit for a small room and it works so easily, the only negative is the cleaning.  But, when you figure you do not have to change a filter.! 

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vicks vaporizer

truly good thing and for such small money.  I bought two and both are working fine.  Thank you

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warm steam humidifier

Kaz Warm Stem humidification is the lowest maintenance cost way to humidify your house.  No anti bacterial additives, no mineral filters. 

I have a wood fired insert using outside air (dry) to feed the home and fire box so I'm constantly introducing dry outside air.   I use this device to humidify a 3500 sq. foot home.   I put 2 gallons of water into the air every 24 hours (maintain 50+% rH).   Slight sweating of double pain anderson windows occurs at this level of usage.

This device uses carbon electrodes to boil the water and make steam.  I use softened water so no salt needs to be added to conduct the electricity at my house. Eventually the carbon electrodes erode and you have to buy another unit.  The black residue is the carbon electrodes.  I get atleast 2 years out of these devices. 

Excellent device.

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Not what I expected

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wont last more than one winter season

Hey for the money, I would consider these to be throw aways. Mechanics behind these are quite simple so if you are kind of handy you could make these last for years. Conductive rods get alot of mineral build up on them, you will find yourself chipping off depoits and it is like new again. Wouldn't advise taking apart and cleaning unless you have "un-common" sense.

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Straight forward and easy to use

I purchased this product for my son's room. It's worked great for us so far! It would be nice if there were the option to automatically shut off after a certain period of time, but for the basic model I'm happy with this product.

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Lots of Steam

This is a great little unit and it puts out a lot of steam - if you aren't getting enough, your water may be too soft and you need to add a pinch of salt (read directions).  That said, the Kaz brand of inhalant liquid is much too thick.  You never get the medicated smell (menthol?) that, to me, signals that you are actually inhaling something more that just steam.

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Great solution for the entire family

I bought this humidefier a year ago for my 2-year-old granddaughter who had cold and was suffering from coughing. We noticed the results on the next day. It worked so well for her that this year, after having a severe allergy attack, I bought it for myself. In addition to performing the miracle work, this device is very easy to operate and clean. It's very light and easy to assemble. I would highly recommend this product.

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Nice Work!

Got exactly what I was looking for undamaged.  Thanks!



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Kaz Vaporizer

The vaporizer came on time and has been working very well except for the first time I used it. It got to hot.

Now what I have found out is I am on a well and there is a lot of minarels in our water and we DO NOT put salt

in the vaporizer just use the water with NO salt and it will work fine. the unit is great. 

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Very good machine , does as advertised .

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Your basic vaporizer

This is your (very) basic hot water vaporizer that works by simply boiling water between two electrodes.  The rate of vaporization is controlled by how much of the "old" water you leave in the bottom when you refill it.  if it is boiling off the gallon to quickly, keep less old water and add more fresh water.   If it is boiling it off tow slowely keep more of the old water in when refilling it.

You can't beat the price on the KAZ website. 

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vicks basic humidifier

Not worth the cheapest price also!!!

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good product

I have had my vaporizor for about ten yrs . A very reliable product. Have few problems with steaming               over. UNit  probably needs cleaning; plus I use tap water which has considerable hardnesss! Would buy  this product again!

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works well

I have been using it a night to help me sleep Ihad been waking up to often with dry and sore throut. since ive started using the vaporizor my sleep has improved and symptons are gone.

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Releived Mommy

Just what I needed for my baby to get some rest. Did the job helping my girl breath better so she could get a good nights sleep,and it didnt cost an arm and a leg resonably priced!!

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No nonsense

I have an older model.  I'm sending this link to a friend who needs one because of very dry steam heat in her apartment.  I've had so many different brands for my kids and my personal use.  The pros about this kind of unit design:

fill area is wide so you can get your hands in there to clean it when disenfecting.  with other brands/models, the opening is a small circle and you can't really clean the water chamber.

No costly filters.  One unit i had purchased grossed me out after a week because the filter sat in the water and turned black within days!!  No filter with this unit so no problem/fear of putting mold/bateria into the air.

Quiet operation.  All you hear is a low hiss.  Not like some of my expensive fancy ones which bubble or gurgle during operation.

Compact for easy out of season storage.

Night light and medicine cup are a huge bonus!!

Price is incredible!!  I'm thinking of getting just to have it, in case one of mine conk out.



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I always loved the vaporizer as it helps me when I got a headcold and provide moisture in the room so it is easier to breathe at night.

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Does what its purported to do at a very economical price. Don't be afraid to purchase this item.

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Just what I was looking for

This simple, basic warm mist humidifier is just what I was looking for. No bells and whistles, just a nice basic unit. I haven't had it long enough to find any problems. For the price it is great.

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I have purchased V105SGN2UPC at WAL-MART in the month of June, 2012. It was not functioning properly. So i returned it and purchased another one same day. This worked till last month. Since a week it is making lot of sound but i do not see any vapour coming out. I want to know if there is a service center for getting it rectified. It is winter time and i have a dryness problem with my eye.

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This is perfect!

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great product

we use this a lot especially helps when we have stuffy nose

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5 stars

works very well!

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Vicks Vaporizer

Product is average. I didnot find anything great about it. In-fact I have used it only once and I didnot find much diference and ot used since then. Probably the reason behind is the liquid I am using the KAZ inhelant.


Another feedback is the delay in transportation. I have had purchases reaching me in 2 days without paying transportation charges but this one took too much time. 

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it works

Just as I remember from childhood, this works great.  Thanks, Kaz.

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Is bery utilite for my little one bebe

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1 Gal Vicks Vaporizer

Two times this item was shipped to me from KAZ-VICKS and it was broken.  The 1st time one of the "rods" in the Vaporizer housing was cracked; the 2nd time the housing itself was cracked.  Finally, nearly 3 weeks later, I received one that worked.  The steam output is fair.  It puts out a bit of moisture, but not enough to raise the humidity more than 5%. 

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i've been using vicks vaporizers all my life (my mother always bought them) and they've always provided plenty of steam (with just a very small amount of salt) and have lasted for years! i 've used other kaz products knowing i'll have years of use from them!

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good product to use for home safe.

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Simple Product, Very Reliable

It works constantly, with no problems at all.
A pinch of salt, and it steams away and shuts off automatically when low.
I love the simplicity of this unit.  A++++++++

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Bought it, works till now, recomend it to people!

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Good value

This humidifier is simple to use and inexpensive. It hasn't changed much from the one I had over ten years ago, except for the annoying light. My bedroom feels like a sauna and my cold symptoms are improved.

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Great value

This is just like the vaporizer I grew up with. It is simple to use, does the job, and you can't beat the price! My son has bouts of croup in the winter/early spring and this vaporizer has really helped.

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Dr. Patient

This vaporizer is the best choice to moisturize winter's heated dry air safely.

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Vicks V105SG Vaporizer with Nightlight

Everything was perfect, from the product itself to the service.  Easy set up, small enough to lift easily, works perfectly.  Wonderful value.

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slight odor

 The humidifier works fine, but I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (highly sensitive to chemical fumes) and I found that the vaporizer put out a slight plastic-y smell when running. It shouldn't bother most people, but prevents me from being able to use it.

One thing I was wondering when I bought it: would the night light be bright enough to bother me? (I like sleeping in complete darkness) Answer: it's no problem at all. It is just light enough to keep you from tripping over it in the dark, but not bright enough to bother you when sleeping. 

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Personal Preference

  I've had this unit in the past and got several years of use from it.   I bought another because I like the warm steam, It does not leave a dusty mess.  The water must be rinsed out occasionally to keep it vaporizing at the proper rate, but it's worth it.  It takes a small amount of trial and error to balance the mineral content of the water with the amount of table salt added, but I believe it's worth it.  I love this unit.  I use it in a small to medium size bedroom and it works well.  

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Vicks Vaporizer with Nightlight

Performs exactly as advertised.

The tank holds enough for 8 hrs continuous use. When the tank is below a certain level, the vaporizer 'turns off' the vaporizing action. The unit, however, stays on and the light still illuminates.

The only issue I have with it is a flange that protrudes from the heating core that must fit into a slot in order to get the element out of the tank. I suppose this is a safety issue, but I find it inconvenient to have to twist the entire unit a full 90 degrees in order to remove it just so I can re-fill the tank. If not for this issue, I would rate a 5 star.

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As epected

Simple, lightweight, works adequately, reasonably priced.  I'm not convinced, however, that it

fills and entire medium-sized room but not a big concern to me because I keep it near where

I sleep.  About 1/4 of the water remains at the bottom after the automatic shut off.  Maybe its a

safety feature otherwise it would run longer on a fill up and that would be preferred.  You must

remember to add salt, otherwise the steam doesn't come out.  I'm  satisfied.

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I really like the vaporizer and got a really good deal online; I do not like the nightlight since you cannot turn it off;  also there are large gray gritty particles in the bottom of the bowl each morning. Overall I do recommend it.

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We have been very happy with the vaporizers. We purchased 2. One of them has developed an issue, the light comes on but nothing is happening. We followed all of the trouble shooting options but it still does not work. We get a great deal of particles from both of them but the one that is not working has something that sounds like a rock rattling around inside. The other one works great. We would buy again but wonder what has happened with this one. Thanks

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works well!

great inexpensive vaporizer! Reliable service from Kaz.

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Good Prices, Good Products

I found the Kaz web site last summer while looking for a replacement bulb for my bug light.   I noticed that the vaporizers were priced less than what I would pay at my local discount store.   Because, I can get free shipping it is an especially nice deal.   I have 2 vaporizers with larger water tanks but the steaming unit is the same so I just use the new unit in the larger water tanks.  Works out nicly and I am saving money.   (The Replacement bulb worked out well also.)  I like Vicks products.

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Pros :  Pretty useful/handy product. 

Worth it for its pricing, a must buy for users seeking something affordable and that actually works. 

Cons : Needs to be refilled every other day, no control over humidity. 

Neutral points : Noise level adequate - not that silent but not boisterous. 

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Easier to Handle

This product works like a charm and so easier to handle. It makes warm moisture with minimal to none sound pollution. Ideal for small rooms.


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Hummidity enhancement

Your vaporizor works as expected and rapidily gts humidity into a room.

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Good simple humidifier

I was looking for a simple humidifier to use when I go on trips.  This one fit my budget but I wish it comes in smaller size

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Good product

Generally a good product. Been using these things for years. The only disapointment for me is that it turned out to be smaller than I thought. I ordered offline and assumed it would be the same size as the other units I have... buyer beware right? But it works great... makes steam... there you go.

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like this unit

easy to use ,quite,works well&quick

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Nice small vaporizer

I purchased this small vaporizer because of the ease of use and the amount of water put into the air. I use it at work so it is nice and very quiet compared to others I have used. It uses the water in the container in about 5 hours which is perfect for my use. The price was excellent from KAZ directly. They shipped fast too. My only criticism of the unit is that you cannot turn off the little night light or cover it because it gets hot. For a child's room though this would be perfect. The medicine well is plenty big and the unit in itself is easy to clean and maintain. I would highly recommend this unit.

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Simple - Does the job.

Quiet, easy to use, easy to clean - exactly what we needed.

Comment on this review

Vicks Vaporizer

Works as advertised.

Comment on this review

vicks vaporizer

Quits working after 3 or 4 uses- must take apart and soak element in vinegar.

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Design could be better

 If you don't need yet another light at night, you are going to find it hard to kill this one.  This is the first thing I have to do to a Kaz product that has a night light and it gets harder all the time.

The second thing I have to do is cut off the plastic tab that prevents you from easily pulling out the vaporizer from the tank during refill -- otherwise you will probably burn your hand before you get it out.

It would also be nice if a replacement vaporizer was available -- the tank could probably last decades and is difficult to dispose of -- a replacement vaporizer is needed every couple of years.


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give me a break

this item is cheaper than a humidifier filter; you get what you pay for


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Not for extensive use

We bought this machine for our newborn to use at night since we live in a very dry area. We needed a humidifier to run for about 8 hours while the baby was sleeping. Not sure if this machine was not to be used as extensively as we needed, but it stopped creating steam after about 3 weeks of nightly use. It also had a massive amount of black water build up every morning. We cleaned it like the manual said and also did a few vinegar cleanings to see if that helped. Not sure if we just had a bad filter system or bad water. Usually very happy with VICKS products=-- been using them for over 25 years. This one just didn't seem to be what we needed. We have contacted the company via e-mail and awaiting a second response.

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Does the job

I purchased two of these units and they really get the job done.  I like the compact shape as I ahve limited open space and still need a unit in every room ofn the house.  I have recommended the Kaz sight to my friends because of the superior products and low prices.

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Top Notch

I found this humidifer to be just what I needed.  It does not spray excessivly, but just right.  The unit turns off when water gets low.  Very good, I would buy this again.

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this is a great product, lightweight, works very well,

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