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Vicks V5100N Replacement Tank Product Reviews

 V5100N-TANK V5100N Replacement Tank

Model Number: V5100N-TANK

Category: Humidifiers

Warranty: None

Price: $15.00

Vicks V5100N Replacement Tank Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Great until it stopped working

Great mist. Easy to clean. One day I turned it on as I do every day and tit was dead. Only had it three months. Hope the warranty comes through without a hassle.

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Stopped Working

My product stopped working after a month of use.  I have followed all cleaning instructions.  

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Blower not working day 1

Followed all of the directions for set up. Blower not working. No time for repair. Need unit for sick child. Very frustrating.

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Works just as good as expected!

So far using this cool mist humidifier it is wonderful.  No problems yet!

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Was shipped incomplete

I received my replacement water tank for the V5100NS humidifier without the cap that closes it up on the bottom.  Don't know how it could have been left out.  It's unusable as is.  Need to call to get the missing part of the replacement part.  What a pain.

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Tank is fine. But not shipped with plug.

I broke the old tank by dropping it, so I threw it out and ordered a new one. I assumed it would ship with the threaded plug that goes in the bottom. It was shipped with very little protection (fortunately it arrived okay), and no plug. When I called customer support, the helpful person who answered seemed to have trouble recognizing the part that I was talking about. I finally managed to communicate my need to her--I think. She said she would ship it out. A few days later, I received email saying it's on the way. Have not seen it yet.

My conclusion is ... nice product, responsive person on the phone, but the company seems a bit disorganized.

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Tank replacement

Received tank quickly, in perfect condition and for  a low price. 

Contacted customer service with questions that were addressed competently and professionally. 

Thank you

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Too bulky. There is no easy way to change the water.

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quiet mist

We really enjoy our ultrasonic humidifier.

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Great product!

I have used a number of humidifiers since having my first child 30 years ago. This is easy to use, VERY quiet, and goes the longest without needing a refill! Love it!

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Vicks Ultrasonic Himidifier

Pleased to find how quiet this product was during operation.

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Vicks V5100 Humidifier

I really am glad I purchased this humidifier. It is efficient and quiet. I use it in a "great" room(living, dining, and kitchen areas) and it humidifies very well on the lowest setting. I had to change the demoneralization cartridge after 3 weeks because of the white dust. Hopefully a faucet filter will extend the life of the cartridge.

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Have not tried yet but appears what I was looking for

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Very Quiet

I've only had this humidifier for a few days but most important is that it is very quiet. It certainly doesn't keep us awake! It holds a lot of water and we just refilled after 2 full nights. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because we haven't had it very long. Could be a fiver!!

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Good Product

Does a good job.

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stopped working

It has worked everyday since i got it. I clean it once a week but, out of no where it stopped working. Is there anything i can do to get it to work again. I had thyroid surgery and that is the only thing that helps me at night. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

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I get one on 12/11/10 run well until 12/30/10. It have hight noice that i can sleep and I do not know what to do.

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It stopped working.

Humidifier worked well for one week. We have very clean and pure water from the city of Norfolk. Thus no buildups or white powder. Today it has stopped working. No water vapor. Have checked everything. Help.

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Inconsistent performance

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I bought this product because it was so dry in our house that I could not seem to get over my cold. I awoke stuffed up every morning. By the second day of using this humidifier, my symptoms were nearly gone. I runs clean and quiet!

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Great price!

I put white vinegar in the water chamber to clean out the hard water and I believe it caused the rubber valve the let the water into the ultra sonic bowl to soften and enlarge so it would not close.  Everything still worked but it was unhandy to remove or replace the tank without getting water all over.  It was very easy to find the replacement on the web site, the price is right and it shipped immediately.  It is a true replacement and fits perfectly.

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Ultrasonic Humidifier V5100NS

It has worked very nicely for two weeks but with out hard water I am waiting to see how long the demineralization cartridge lasts.

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Broken Tanks

We love how quite this unit is, BUT the tanks are VERY VERY fragile. We have 3 units and have gone through 4 tanks. They are not designed to handle any rough treatment like kids putting them in the sink. One of the tanks couldnt survive the mail.   If the tank was made out of a less brittle plastic they would be awesome. We have a water filtration for the house but before that we had to use distilled water so there wouldn’t have a hard water build up.

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Save $$$

I dropped my canister while refilling and it cracked. I searched for prices to replace either canister or whole unit. I couldn't believe the price for a new unit. Thankfully Kaz had a replacement canister. It saved me a lot of money !

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Great Product Love if

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this product is great, it is very quiet. so you can let it run all night. It holds enough water that it will run allnight.It dosen't take up much rooom because of the shape. thank you

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The tank fit perfectly, it was shipped really fast, but the part where you adjust which way the cold steam goes was a little bit cracked. It was no problem it doesnt change anything about how the tank works. i bought the tank just because i was missing the cap that you screw in after you put the water in  so i wish the web site would be able to sell the cap just by itself..but it was a good buy.

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