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Honeywell PermaFresh Cool Moisture Humidifier Product Reviews

 HCM-800 PermaFresh Cool Moisture Humidifier

Model Number: HCM-800

Category: Humidifiers

Room Size: Large 

Price: $74.99

Honeywell PermaFresh Cool Moisture Humidifier Details

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Honeywell Humedifier

The humedifier works flawlessly but the manner of replacing the water is not that easy.

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Honeywell Humidifier

I am very pleased with my Humidifier even tho it does seem to use more water than stated in book please it is not as quiet as i thought it to be.

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noisy fan

The humidifier did a good job of putting moisture into the air, but the fan was noisy even on the lowest setting.  The fan noise got louder each time I used the humidifier until after 3 days the noise was so loud I could not bear it any more and I returned it.

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A winner !

How often do you come across a product that does EXACTLY what the box promises, and does it very well? Not very often, but that is what the Honeywell Humidifier HCM-800 does.Honeywell obviously has thought this one out very carefully. They've designed a quality product and engineered it equally well. They warrant it for three years..one of the early signals that the company has come up with a winner and will back up its enthusiasm with guarantees. I was most impressed by the way the company has combined a great mashine with an easy-to-understand and very well written multi-page manual.Even the box is tuthfully descriptive of the product. The best part of all? Goodbye to the process of buying multi filters and having them shipped to keep our aging dehumidifier in action.And that's why HCM 800 received my five star review. Last word..this site got my computer's very tough-to-get security code after the site was tested and found reliable.

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Good so far

We have had the product for a couple of weeks now.  So far, everything is running well.  Really like the idea of the permanant filter.

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Humidifier review

I like the humidifier for the most part so far.  There are 2 things I don''t like.  One is the blue glow that comes from the unit.  It is rather bright and lights up the room at night.  I like to sleep in a very dark room so this brightness is disturbing.  I have to cover it up with something.  Second is that it is a little louder than I would like.  It is not LOUD by any means but the water sounds remind me of a toilet running or faucet dripping so I''ve woken up several times thinking I need to turn something off. 

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Dan loves his new humidifier c/w QC. This appliance has made his nights much more restful & mornings even better.

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I have had this unit for 2 1/2 years. I only use it in the winter, dry heat of our house, in the kids room.  It has run wonderfully & is very safe for my grabby kids!  But we have hard water & the filter gets crusty pretty quick. I rinse it between every fill, & soak it in vinegar every once in a while. This abuse has totally deteriorated the filter.  I have yet to find a replacement & fear the unit, that still works perfectly, will need to be replaced!  Not sold on the permanent filter, because I need a new one & it is not available!

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I am very pleased with my Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier.   It was very easy to disinfect prior to using and runs very quietly.   Quiet is great since I use it at night in my bedroom.   Although I haven't cleaned the reusable filter yet, having read the instructions it will be easy as well.

I'm sure I'll get years of use out of my Honeywell humidifier.  I chose this unit for a number of reason...........the most important being the name "Honeywell". 

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Cool Mist Humidifier

I love my cool mist moisturizer. I got pneumonia Dec 17th 2010 and  was not able to return to work until Jan 4th 2011 after or Christmas break. I still had pneumonia in one lung. We ordered this same humidifier for our office as the air was extremely dry and my doctor thought the extremely dry air/heat  was contributing to my problem of not completely healing. When we started using  the cool mist humidifier everyone in the office began to breathe easier and feel better.  I purchased my home humidifier after a week of being able to breathe easier in my office.  I rinse off my permanent (washable) filter every weekend and let it air dry.  I hope that I don''t have any problems with it.  Someone previously rated the humidifier badly in their review because of the permanent filter.  If I have a problem I will sure let you know. For now I rate the humidifier a strong A.

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so far so good, I am still looking for HCM 645 model but keep say out of stock please let me know when it availiables. I really like that products

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This product seems to be adding some humidity to the room air, ie. my hygrometer has increased by 5-7 %.  Unfortunately, it has a very loud fan, and the high setting is not really tolerable to listen to.  Even the low setting is too loud.  Nice, compact unit.  Easy to fill, and looks easy to keep clean.

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