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Enviracaire Up to 99.999% Germ Free Humidifier Product Reviews

 EWM-220 Enviracaire Up to 99.999% Germ Free Humidifier

Model Number: EWM-220

Category: Humidifiers

Price: $109.99

Enviracaire Enviracaire Up to 99.999% Germ Free Humidifier Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Enviracaire Humidifier

This is the third time I have bought this product.  I like it because it will go 24 hours at full force before it needs refilling and I like it because it has TWO receptacles for water, rather than one, which means I can lift them when they are full of water without putting my back out.

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Evircaire Humififier

This is my third purchase of this particular humidifier, for different family members. If it wasn't any good, I certainly would not have purchased three of them. It performs very well. the fill - ups are about once a week. And the UV light, keeps the water clear and clean. No one is waking up with bloody noses, raspy throats, or congested heads. It is well worth the price! So don't sit there reading this review, order one now!

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Great humidifier.  Your service was speedy and your followup excellent.

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Maintenance Issues

I've had four of these units over the last several years and have the same complaint - hard to clean and uses too many pads.  I wish the designers considered the customer in the interior design in the inability of cleaning in and around all the nooks and crannies. Otherwise, it's a very good product and that's why I keep getting it, in spite of the pain to keep it deposit free.

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Works well, although ugly

I bought this after being fed up with my old Vicks Vaporizer, which was a pain to reload and clean, and had to be refilled all the time with water and salt. This humidifier is fantastic - it's easy to refill, puts out a lot of steam, requires no salt, and has auto-shutoff. The only thing I don't like is how ugly it is. (Why do all humidifiers come in shades of white and blue? Even replacing those blue water tanks with clear ones would be a significant improvement in its appearance. And I can't understand how they decided that a white-and-turquoise humidifier needed a royal-blue control panel with giant white buttons on it.) However, I couldn't find a single good-looking humidifer with consistently good reviews, and this is probably the least ugly of the humidifiers available from Kaz. I hope in the future they'll consider making a steam humidifer that doesn't look like 1980s hospital equipment, but at least this one works well!

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0 stars is more like it

I have had two previous UV-filtered enviracaire humidifiers, both of which were very satisfactory.  (My very hard water eventually kills them, even with replacing some parts.)  

I confidently ordered one of the new units--but the unit would not turn on period when I plugged it in.  No fan, no light, no heating-- nothing.  I returned it for a full refund.

Even it had turned on, I may have returned it anyway as the quality of construction of this newer version is much inferior to the older models. It's smaller, the plastic is thinner, and the unit has flimsier tabs to hold things in place than my two previous models.  I have yet to purchase another germ-free humidifier, as I no longer trust the enviracaire brand.

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Great Humidifier

The second I bought easy to clean and easy to fill

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works great

machine works great. my third winter with it.


how do i get the replacement pads? this website shows the pads, but they are specific to models other than my model emw220.

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Enviracare humidifier

 This humidifier is excellent, but can be a bit noisy.  The heat and uv sterilization is reassuring especially when used in a child's room

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Great humidifier.  Its nearly 100% germ-free operation (with no lung-damaging white dust and no ear-damaging ultrasonic waves) gives me peace of mind.  The dual tanks are easy to fill and lighter-weight than one large tank. 

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 I would love to review this product, but since I have yet to receive it I can not. Supposedly there is an investigation going on with UPS. I look forward to resolving this. 

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Fast shipping, product was in good condition

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I've only had the humidifier for a few days, but it seems to be doing a good job. Plenty of warm mist coming out of vent. It makes a little boiling sound, but it's not a big deal. Cleaning directions are a little vague. Good job so far.

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Broke down....

It seemed like a good sysem until after 1 year I had to replace the expensive UV bulb, then the cost of the pads to replace 1-2xs a month, then the scale build up still was hard to deal with and finally after 3 years the system quit working. I rate it 3 stars because it did help moisten the air but breaking down after only 3 years with using it 6 months each year it only deserves a 3 star. If I had only known how difficult it would have been for upkeep and cleaning I would have searched for a more expensive machine.

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Love it so far!

Great humidifier, love how the light is hidden so it doesnt disturb you when you sleep, love the handles on the dual tanks for easy fill use, love the medicine cup, the only thing that bothers me slightly is that I dont actually see the steam, so I wasnt sure if it was working properly. I can feel it with my hand but I cant see it. I would like to see the steam so I could determine to move it closer to my bed or farther away from the bed.

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Very Satisfactory Humidifier

I have used this humidifier for approximately  two weeks now and am very satisfied with it.  It replaces a Slant Fin which I had used for years.  This is much easier to clean and definitely produces plenty of steam.  It is also easy to fill with the  two tanks.  I hope this one holds up as well as my old one.

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Easy to fill water bottles and simple to use two controls for easy operation.

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Great unit..but the weekly maintenance is just a bit overwhelming. Works great and leaves no residue or white film on the furniture/carpet/floor.

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This is my second humidifier and it pumps out a lot of steam, even at a low setting.  I love it.  It's a great help to my sinus problem and I have also used it to keep my fine violin from drying out and cracking.

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Noisy Warm Air Humidifier

Well I read lots of reviews and ratings, and this humidifier is the noisiest thing I've ever heard!  I realize I might just not be used to the warm-moisture type, as the bubbling of the boiling water annoyed me and I could not keep it on at night, even witha fan going to cover up the noise of the humidifier.   It is not a consistent white-noise type sound...bubble bubble....pause.....bubble bubble pause...

Besides that which I did not read in any reviews, it also worked inconsistently with what the manufacture booklet said, each tank would use water differently, sometimes both would be used and decreasing, other times one takn would be used, then the other. 

I don't honestly know if this is indeed a bad machine, or my taste, but I am still on the search for a good, cool-moisture type that will suffice as moisture and white noise in the dry Montana air we breathe!  Good luck!


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