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Stinger Mosquito Killer Product Reviews

 MK100S Mosquito Killer

Model Number: MK100S

Category: Insect Control

Dimensions: 12.20 x 11.60 x 23.20

Color: Black & Gray

Wattage: 8

Warranty: 1 Year

Price: $119.99

Sale Price: $79.99

Save: $40.00 (33% off)

Stinger Mosquito Killer Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock

What Happened

I am now on the second unit. I dosent work any. Mosquites are now really bad in my yard. they dont sell bulbs that, or lure that fit this. anyone have an Idea of what will work . I hope it get working before I through it out in the street.

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Short life span

I have two units. Both units are not working. Is there a check I can make to see what the problem is?  I've only had the units for eight months. 

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Replacement Unit

This is a replacement unit for an old one. I noted that the plastic molding for the top did not fit nearly as well as the old one. The unit works OK but the top had to be sealed with duct tape to make it leakproof. Not very elegant!

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Very Pleased

This is my second Stinger.  The first one finally gave up the ghost after several years of constant use.  I was so pleased with the first one that I bought an exact replacement.  Mosquitos seemed to dissapear overnight.

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Happy Texan in Great NW

Bought this when we first moved to the great NW ... we couldn't believe the number of mosquitos they have here, the first week we had it, I filled up a coffee cup with dead mosquitoes from the unit...  this thing has done a great job ... we have added another for the front part of our property and another out by my wife's studio ... they've done such a great job that even our neighbors have asked about it and are adding their own units ... only problem we have had was finding nosquito bait ... but now that we are Kaz members that problem is solved also

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The exact thing happened to us.  Worked great the first year, plugged in the second year and no power or anything.   Called customer service and they said the same thing send back and they will replace.  The jury is out on this product.

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Don't Rain On Me !

Similar problem,  11months old, pluged in and started to "arch" inside... ok, electrical short.  Contacted KAZ,  the were Awesome and sent a new one to me when I sent my back in.   They up-graded me to a better unit the MK 100S ,  A mosquito designed "killer".. Sounded great to me..  I sent the unit in and $30.00 all seemed well and good.

Received the new zapper, pluged it in GREAT... Fan ran, Mosquito Bait, and Black Light, all good-to-go.   A few days later we had a bad rain storm at 2:00 Am, and at or around 4:30 Am I got up to find my new unit "DARK" not working at all...  Brought it in attempted to dry it off. Next day Arkansas HOT SUMMER day should have dried, and should be working.  OOPS... not the case... so I checked the bulb, checked he plug, the circut braker... Nothing... No Fan, No Black Light... No killing mosquito's.

KAZ is againg willing to help,  but YOU tell me how one is to not let it get RAINED on.  Your at work, up comes a rain, what do you do call your neighbor and ask him to Run over, up-plug an OUT-DOOR bug killer and take it inside for you...  There needs to be a WARNING LABLE... DO NOT LEAVE OUTSIDE / DO NOT ALLOW RAIN TO TOUCH UNIT... can you tell I'm frustrated. Any way, I believe in KAZ, to do the right thing...  Refund or New Unit...  Which would you ask for?

The reason for only ONE STAR, is that I have not had it long enough to see if it Kills anything.  If they send me another, I'll let you all KNOW...

Guess that is why they have gone from 3 yr., warranty to only 1 yr warranty... Wonder if Lowe's knows these units are NOT WATER PROOF..




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Bug zapper worked one year.  Plugged it in this year (was in dry storage all winter) and nothing works.  A red light stays on but the owners manual does it tell what this means.  Bought a new bulb for $15 and still nothing. 

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Two units no good

I am on my second unit after I sent the last one in for a replacement. The first lasted two months, this one lasted six months. I can not believe that it is not supposed to be rained on. Mine hang 15 feet in the air as instructed. Impossible to take it in everytime it rains which is sometimes every day. I have a Katlan which stays out in the rain and runs day and night. Over 15 years old.

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don't bother

We bought this zapper back in May 2009 and plugged it in June 2009 and there was no power.  So I called KAZ customer service and they said send it back and they will send a new one.  THe new one arrived around August 2009 and worked perfectly.  We stored it over the winter according to the manual.   We went to plug in the second one May of 2010 and once again no power.  There is a one year warranty so I may be able to get a new one every year the rate we are going.  Although by the time we get the new one the summer is almost over.

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Unreliable JUNK

The past three years I purchased four of these units UV40 and they all didn't even make one season each!!! Find another manufacturer and don't waste your money!!!

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MAD 1st time last time!!

I just got one 2 hr ago and it well not even go together the flang that gos arond the top to "keep out rain" would not go together.   Called the co. They said take it back to Lowes. Then I saw this. I called husband on his way back to Lowes, and told him Just ask for our money back !!! .  ( Thank you !! )  for telling about what you went  through.

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Buy Replacements from Kaz

I am starting my third season using the Stinger Mosquito Killer MK100 and the outside patio area is much more pleasant with it in operation. Others must also be very satisfied with the unit, as the local Lowes and Home Depot seem to have a problem keeping up the supply of 2-in-1 bait and especially the UV bulb. I missed the point about replacing the bulb every year even though I operate the unit 24/7 from May through September. So last September when the bulb died, I figured I would find a replacement in stock in the spring. No such luck. Same thing with replacement bulb web sites. Thank goodness I saved the manual and was able to go on-line and order from Kaz. The price is relatively inexpensive and less than the stores. Although the 2-in-1 bait price is slightly more expensive from Kaz than the stores, Kaz does offer the giant economy size 6 pack for about the same average price per bait. The free shipping and 10% off for Savings Circle Members lets you break about even. In addition, standard shipping was quick and I received the two bulbs I ordered much quicker than expected - 4 business days to the New Jersey from date of order. As for the Stinger, the wind never manages to turn the spiral strips, so they are probably useless and the rain cap on the top has never connected properly and now appears to have shrunken and cannot connect. I recommend Stinger (or the new buyer)provide a screw or clip to hold the cap together on initial assembly.

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stinger mk100s

junk do not buy.worked for 1 1/2 hour. had to send back (cost $23.48)shipping(bought new) no refund on shipping.nothing for inconvient. would not recommend.so not a $100.00 now 123.48 buyer beware

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Stinger MK100S

This product does everything we wanted it to do

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stinger msk-100

this product is wonderful!  I live in the country and our area is wooded and low (lots of standing water).  I was not at all sure this would work but so far it has totally surpassed my expectations!

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defective unit

I was anxiously waiting for this item and when i took it out of the box, the switch on top that changes the function from day or night just fell off.  Seems like the little clip inside was broken off.  I was able to put back on and hold it in place with tape to make it operate.  I called your office a week ago to report this proble and was told that I could use it for the summer since we have a lot of mosquitos and then return it in September and the rep said she recorded this information in my file.  She was going to send me a return lable later in the summer.  She also told me it would take 4 to 6 weeks to get a replacement so this is why it was decided to wait until September since the mosquitos are bad now in NJ.


Anyway today i though'd call to get the return label now so I would have it available.  The rep today told me I had to return the defective unit by 7/25 for a replacement.  If I didn't call today I would not have been able to get a replacement.


Why this confusion and why is my zapper defective. 


M. Amici

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Excellent Mosquito Killer

We have a country home in the Northern Plains where there are heavy grain crops leading to massive amounts of mosquitos. We purchased our Stinger last year for the season and have to say it was a wonderful killer, and let it run 24/7. We also have ever-changing horrendous weather here, but never took it down until the snow started to fly.  It enabled us to enjoy the patio life style we cherish so much.

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Excellent Mosquito Killer

We have a country home in the Northern Plains where there are heavy grain crops leading to massive amounts of mosquitos. We purchased our Stinger last year for the season and have to say it was a wonderful killer, and let it run 24/7. We also have ever-changing horrendous weather here, but never took it down until the snow started to fly.  It enabled us to enjoy the patio life style we cherish so much.

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Stinger Mosquito Killer

This produce really works and I feel the reduction of the mosquito in my backyard. I bought anopther one based on my observation and I'll install it on another end of my yard. Remember the produce will not do 100% job but a decent job of control the Mosquitos.

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It has worked for me very well

Now have a problem finding a replacement blub


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you send to me a brand new unit mosquito lamp but the problem is the fan do not work what i do send the unit back

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