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Stinger 40 Watt Replacement Bulb Product Reviews

 B4045 40 Watt Replacement Bulb

Model Number: B4045

Category: Insect Control

Price: $17.99

Stinger 40 Watt Replacement Bulb Details

Stinger 40W UV Replacement Bulb

This bulb really draws the insects at night and is easy on my electric budget.  Easily replace into the Stinger.  I think this is a very good product.

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Bought these as replacement bulbs, because that is what they said to use in my stinger bug zappers. The only thing the black light kills is my wallet by using more electricity. Not good kills nothing.

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We had been unable to find this bulb for bug light in any stores. Was very happy to find one on Kaz site. The ordering and prompt mailing of bulb was great.

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Black Light Blub

I have used both white and black bulbs and have had tremendous success with both. I perfer the black blub because it attracts more of the little buggers! Have replaced my bulb about twice in 2 1/2 years. Good product.

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Black light for stinger bug light.

The black light bulb was easy to install and has been in service from the day I recieve it, bright and does the job. Thanks

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Great bug light, poor bug light performance.  Replaced 3 in 2 years and their hard to get ahold of.  Sears and Kmart do not stock the replacement bulbs properly.

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replacement bulb

The black light tubes don't work nearly as well as the white light tubes.  I am going to return the blck light tubes as I have purchased the white light tubes elsewhere.

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Bug Zapper

The Bug Zapper light is working fine.  I was very pleased.


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Bug Light Bulb

Very satisified shipping time. Disappointed with the short life of the original bulb/light and felt the replacement price was a little expensive. The original bulb/light lasted two years. The last bug light I had the bulb lasted 15 years

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Not happy

The replacement bulb arrived in good condition and I installed it in the bug lamp.  About one month later I found that the bulb had burned out -- it was dead.  I know that bulbs have varying life-spans, but 1-month is a little short.  I am not happy.

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Replacement bulb

Glad the zapper is working again!

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Stinger light

Quick shipping, and resonable.



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wrong bulb

this item shows as a Related Product for the UV801BL.  in reality, it is NOT the correct bulb for this bug zapper.  these are 40watt bulbs (the UV801BL uses 50 watt) and the bulbs are significantly shorter.  the pin set up appears to be the same, but with the short length, it was too hard to try to get it connected to find out if they might have worked. 

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Shipped on time, product was packed properly;

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don't know

The bulb did not light up blue. It is either a bad bult or our zapper is not working and it is not yet a year old.

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Stinger 4045

It worked great for as long as it worked, which was 1 month. Kept putting off buying new bulb until today. It cost me $15.88 + tax. It didn't fix it.I have a model 40N bought about the same time. It works great with no problem.

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Stinger 40 watt Black Light Bulb

I gave this review one star because there was no option for zero stars. The replacement bulb arrived in a timely manner and looked fine, but would not work. I removed it from the unit I'd installed it in and put it in my second bug zapper (exact same model) that was working fine and the new bulb would not come on in that unit, either. Considering the time I'd have to take off work to go and ship the non-working bulb back for credit or replacement it would cost me more to do so than I paid for the bulb!  No more KAZ products for me!! 

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I am amazed at the number of insects that this light attracts. Much more than my other stinger with a regular bulb.

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Stinger Stinger 40 Watt Black Light Replacement Bulb B.4045/J.0075-B

light bulb fine as long as packed correctly

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It fixed the problem of the light only coming on about half power and every time it zapt a bug the light would go out for a few seconds. Now it stays on just as it used to. Works great.

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 ordering was easy, delivery faster than expected, & packaging professionally done.

one of easiest companies to deal with.

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Black light replacement bulb

Haven't had to replace the bulb yet, but wanted to have one on hand - just in case. 

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 Thanks to a speedy order, I now have mosquitos being zapped by the light.  

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Replacement bulbs for bugzapper

Excellent service (delivery).  Just what I needed. Had difficulty finding these and you helped with the dilemma.  Thanks.

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It zaps bugs

I like this bug zapper. I've tried others. I like the fact that it automatically turns itself off during the daylight time. The only problem is that it gets fouled with dead bugs and you need to continually keep the grids clean. I've tired other models that say the bugs are supposed to fall down off the grid, but they don't. They get zapped and then stick to the electrical grid.

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Did not fix problem

Our bug lite stopped working and I assumed it was the bulb as it did not lite. After recieving the new blub and installing it with no luck I don' t know what to do next. The shipping material has all been destroyed so returning it is not possible. Please give us some advice.

Thank You

Duane R. Gillis

3420 Gravel Creek Rd.

North Branch, Mi. 48461


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 Your service is Great.  Fast and dependable.  Only I ordered the wrong size bulb.Do you exchange?   Carole

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Works as advertised.  Kaz is excellent.  Good to work with.

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So simple

Ordering process was very simple. I received the product within a few days. Good price. Prompt delivery. No problems. Very satifsfied.

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