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SoftHeat Neck & Shoulder Wrap Product Reviews

 HC1520 Neck & Shoulder Wrap

Model Number: HC1520

Category: Heating Pads

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $17.99

Sale Price: $9.99

Save: $8.00 (44% off)

SoftHeat Neck & Shoulder Wrap Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Good and Bad

This product I have been using for years. Today after all this time I looked at the gel pack to see if I could replace it. This product is the best of all the cold/hot packs I have used for my neck. I have had chronic neck pain for 18 years. This gel pack did leak after years of use. That being said I still use it because it can be wrapped around the area that it needs to with no discomfort.  5 Stars

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Great for icing!

Like the other reviewers, mine leaked in the microwave.  They replaced it for me and ever since then I just use it for a cool wrap.  I keep it in the freezer and slap it on.  Not only does it feel wonderful; it's supportive it you just happen to 'doze off'!  Love it!

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This thing leaks

While this wrap does provide warm even heat it cools off quickly and very shortly after application gravity takes over and all the gel shifts to one side of the wrap or the other. 

Worst of all, this thing leaks. Shortly afte the first use it developed pinpoint leaks. I thought I could live with this but the oily gooey mess made this product unusable.

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Oh my

I received this soft heat wrap on August 13, 2012 as. Gift.  It is the perfect wrap for my neck and shoulder, but the gel pouch split on the edge.  Iam very upset.  I would like to know  how I can get a replacement pouch as soon as possible?

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Best Product for Neck Pain

This is the second Soft Heat Neck Wrap that I have purchased.  I love this product so much I bought one for my husband!

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I have issues with this product.Unfortunately i need to use it because I have not found any other product that does what this one does(as long as the gel pack stays intact.I have purchased three(3) of these in the past year with the same result...the gel pack seams eventually separate and the gel "pops" out.

I did have another one replaced by your company when the first one which I paid much more than your price online.I did buy first one from a retail pharmacy.I would like to purchase more but would like to hear from someone in your company  by e-mail .


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Love this pad!

I have chronic neck problems, and this pad is a lifesaver! It wraps around my entire neck so that the heat gets to the proper area.

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neck wrap

Product is to heavy to wear around my neck.Its very hard to insert packet into wrap.Takes over 6 minutes to get it warm and I have a 1500 watt micro wave.Would not buy another for above reason.Wish Kaz made a smaller lighter one that would be ideal

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Can't live without this

I have had a disk fusion in my neck 3 years ago.  I couldn't find anything to take the daily pain away, UNTIL I found this product!  It not only give's me the heat relief I so desperately need everyday, but it supports my neck and the muscles holding it up get a rest too.  I have purchased 3 of these.  The inside gel packet is warranteed for a year and that is about how long mine go with every day use.  I have honestly purchased about 8 different theraputic pad of all different shapes and promises of relief, but this is the one I have to have.  The last time the gel pack leaked was about a year and 1/2 after my purchase and I paniced because I told myself last time that I was going to buy two just in case, and I didn't~  The electric pads that are square just aren't adequate for a mobile heat relief that I need.

If you are in pain and need ice or heat relief I TOTALLY recommend this product, just be sure you follow instructions of heating!

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 I originally ordered 2 of these and upon arrival they were both ruptured. I called and was promptly sent 2 new different products.

I wonder if they shipped by plane and exploded or something.  ???

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Soft heat Neck & Shoulder Wrap.

I suffer from a form of RH called Anklyosing Spondylitis, which fuzes the vertabrae in my neck & spine. Need less to say it can be very painfull and uncomfortable. I ordered this neck wrap last week and used it within the first hour and it helps to ease this pain and discomfort rather licely. While nothing gets rid of Arthritis pain, making it easier to move around is very helpfull and thats what this wrap does. It fit very easily, and is able to be adjusted simply and in the cold temps of winter it helps warm my whole body. Placed on high in the mocrowave for slightly under 3 mins and it lasts for over an hour. I have not tried the moist heat ablility yet, but will soon. Highly recommend and a GREAT value for $9.99!!! Thanks for the deal.

                                                                                              John B.

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My daughter noticed a difference in her allergies  right away.  We have been very happy with the product  and also with the company that we went bought it from.

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For the last 25 yrs I have suffered back and knee pain,( I am a RN who has suffered a on the job injury) and I have found the heat to cold feature of the Soft Heat a life saver. I use the packs every other day see my Chiropractor every 2 weeks and no longer walk with a cane.  I use the neck collar for my knee and the shoulder pack for my back. It really works!!!

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The perfect wrap!

This one is exactly what I have been looking for.  Hot or cold, it supportive and you don't have to hold onto something to make it fit into that sore spot.  Love it.

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Not good

This is the second one of these shoulder wraps I have purchased.  One at a drug store at a very inflated price and one online at a more reasonable price.  The inside gel pack does not hold up.  Both packs busted which rendered the whole apparatus unusable.

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not good

The inner gel pack was busted on one of them. Not happy....

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Very Good

Evrything arifed in good shape, and we are very satasfied with them.

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 This product was purchased for my father. He has discomfort in his neck and shoulders. 

What is good about this product is the fit and weight. It applies the right amount of pressure along with the heat.

What isn't so great about it is getting the temperature right in the microwave. 

The length of the item is rather bulky and sometimes awkward to apply. Over time it should be easier to use.

The product arrived on time and in good condition.

Thank you.


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Micro Neck Heating Pad

My review would be better, but currently the heating pad has failed me. Today alone, I have heated 3 according to directions and had 2 of 3 blow a hole, and unable to use. Normally, they hold up stronger. I suffer from migraines which affect my vision, the heating pad in the past has work wonderful, easing the pain and long enough to heat my neck (which I have two bulges inbetween curvical vertabraes)and allow me to rest in total darkness. I wish Kaz to remedy the situation and allow for max heat.

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The SoftHeat Neck and Shoulder Wrap works great!  I have used it on my neck/shoulders and it holds the heat for over an hour.  I like the way it contoured to my neck and the ease of use.  Would definitely recommend this product!

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I have bad sinus headaches...this helps a great deal.  I also tend to develop tension pain in my neck and shoulders and now I have a way to apply heat to that area.  Works very well and is comfortable.

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gel packs

i got this for the gel packs . the one i got last year for my back worked out best on my forklift to keep me cool and helped my back as well . so i just needed more gel packs for this summer .

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good item--NOT what I'd expected

I was happy to find this product when it mentioned that it stayed hot OR cold for an hour. I wanted something to help me when I was outside in this awful heat wate. The product I'd had in the past wrapped around my neck & tied after removing from the freezer.

The photo & description were unclear enough to be misleading. When taking out of the box, I was surprised at how large the item was. The photo has no sense of scale & the product I was replacing was only 1-1.5" tall. Also, the outside "cloth" turned out to be a thick felt-like material (not just thin cotton) that'd make the product produce too much heat outdoors.  

The reasons I did not return this item were:
• Kaz refused to pay return postage.
• The product is something I could use when my neck gets tight.

At the very least, I'd suggest that Kaz the update the description to include the nature of the cloth.

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heat/cold pads

I keep one in the freezer to use when I need cold relief and one on a shelf in a linen closet  to microwave when I need heat. I really love the relief they give me. I don't need to rely on medication as frequently.

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neck wrap

I've purchased alot of different products for my neck but none have worked as well as this one. This is my second purchase of this product I accidently broke my last one and was panicked about what I was going to do, luckily I found the web site and was able to purchase a new one. This not only uses hot or cold but it helps support your neck which helps give some relief for the pain.

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shoulder heater

this thing is great.  it stays warm over an hour without burning.  my husband has had a stroke and has a hard time staying warm.

I have even wrapped it and laid it from knee to ankle between his legs to help warm his shins in the bed.

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