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SmartTemp Portable/Reusable Heating Pad/Cold Compress Product Reviews

 HC1201-N SmartTemp Portable/Reusable Heating Pad/Cold Compress

Model Number: HC1201-N

Category: Heating Pads

Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 10 in

Color: White/Blue

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Price: $12.99

SmartTemp SmartTemp Portable/Reusable Heating Pad/Cold Compress Details


I began a review - then it simply stopped!  Anyway, my SoftHeat Heating Pad has been wonderful for my "old bones", and I'm not even that old!  When my husband brought home the 22" laptop electric blanket, I wondered how I could ever accommodate such a huge item.

Wow!  I was extremely wrong!!  In southern Ohio (Cincinnati) we have had a wonderfully frigid Winter.  By that I mean I build a fire in the fireplace in the morning, drink my coffee and snuggle under my Kaz Heating Pad.

However, I have a question: what are the actual temperature of the four (4) settings. Low, Medium Low, Medium High, and High.  If you can answer that question I will probably go out and buy at least one (1) more.  

Again, I love my SoftHeat Heating pad and will probably purchase nothing but!

        Thank you, - Connie Stanzak


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i9f this is the big pad, it sure does the trick.  also would like to order i more.

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Hot/ cold pack

Your contact spent some time on the phone with me-giving me suggestions.  I had received  an orderof your product from another vendor that was the wrong size.  The order which I received fro you was exactly right. Thank you.

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Smarttemp Hot/cold pad

The Smart Temp Resusable/portable/heating pad/cold pad compress does just what I wanted it to do. The soft pouch with velcrow closure helps hold the compress in place and the cold lasts longer than the bean bags I have used in the past.

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Smart Temp Heating Pad

Purchased on 5-26-13 and the pad finally split open in the microwave on 7-15-13.
Awesome heating pad besides the fact that the edge split.
Compared to other heating pads this one stands out more due to its capability of retaining heat for up to 1 hour and the material of the cover. It's a soft, washable cloth and tick enough to trap heat or coldness.

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The pad is ok. Provides temporary relief & relaxation of muscles. 

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pin hole in the plastic

When the weather is cold, I use the heat pak to get the bed warm when I first climb in at night. But it seems to be leaking a little and has a little pin size hole near one of the corners. I'm concerned the hole may get larger so I won't be using the pak anymore. I'll have to buy another one. 

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Great heat/ cold pack

It is a great heat/ cold pack.   I have only used it a few times for heat so far.  I use it as a cold pack a few times per day.   I like that it retains the heat or cold for an extended amount of time compared to others I have used before.    

   I do have a concern as the plastic does seem thin to be using regularly as a heat pack, and heating it up continously, that the gel does not come out.    So far so good with about 2 weeks of use.     It is a great product and durable,    heats/cools  quickly and retains tempature for a good amount of time.

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Great Product

I purchased this product for my wife because of some back ache. It works perfectly for her, and provides just the right amount of heat and comfort she needs.

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Finally, One That Works!

Thirty-three years ago, I injured an ankle. Seven surgeries and a total ankle replacement later, I've used a LOT of cold packs. This is the first one I've really liked. The drug store gel packs I've used previously were warm in 30 minutes. This cold pack stays cold for at least an hour of use! Last week I took a 3 hour car trip and wanted to have my cold pack, so I took it out of the freezer, put it in it's sleeve, rolled it up, and put it in a plastic shopping bag in the floor of my car. Three hours later, I took it out and it was still cool enough to use before putting it in my host's freezer.

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heating pads

This heating pad is good, however I noticed that it is made in China.  This product used to made in the USA. 

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My grandaughters suffers with very bad monthly cramps and this was exactly what they needed for travel. Very convenient and useful.

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Love It So Far

Excellent Product  and states on the box a Lifetime Warranty.  This made me purchase it.  Plus, I have to use a heating pad daily.

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sm heat pad

Very nice product I have been using for years works great just wish they lasted a little longer as I use it for heat on neck and shoulders 100 % of the time

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hating pad

this heating pad and cold pad, is the best i recently had knee surgery and need it to get the swoling down thanks again!!!!

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Dunlap SoftHeat

Heating Pad longer than typical heating pad. Like the idea of both dry and moist heat.

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Not the Best Product

My product has been damaged after using the heating instructions provided. I am seeking a refund/exchange.

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I went out last night and bought a Kaz heating pad for my husband's sore back. It did not work when we plugged it in. Took it back to Target and got another one, different model, same maker. Brought it home, did not work either. We even read the manual. How difficult is it to operate a heating pad? Apparently it's more difficult to make them. Anyway, we went back out to Walgreens and got one that works. I am presently on hold with Kaz on the telephone. In line waiting for a customer service rep. I'm sure there is a long line of dissatisfied customers but all the questions they ask and hoops you have to jump through just to get put on hold tells me customer satisfaction is definitely NOT a priority. I will be calling Target next. I will not be purchasing any Kaz products in the future.

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Heating Pad

Your service on my heating pad was fantastic, and I really appreciate the kind service I recieved. I think your staff should be commended on this kind of service to customers. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

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SmartTemp HC1201-N Heating Pad/Cold Compress

Great pad.  Give wonderful comfort.  You can walk around the house with it.  I had surgery on my right hand and needed both hot and cold treatment.  This worked great!  First one I bought had a defect and the seam broke in the microwave.  I called the company and it was immediately replaced.  Otherwise I would have given it 5 stars. 

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paper work

very good heating pad,but idid not get any paper work or warranty with it.please send same,thank you,n shank

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Smart Temp Hot & Cold Pad

Very helpful and comfortable

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Back&hip wrap

I have a bad back and after a hard day I alternate hot and cold wraps which works for me.

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Very Good

This unit heats up fast, is quite soft & pliable. The wet moist pad could be a bit thicker.

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Portable heating pad

I find that it to be very soothing to my back  and helps to control pain from the saiatic nerve .

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It heatd up good

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I purchased the smart temp hot/cold pad and it worked great when I froze it. But didn't work so great when I heated it. But in all, it is a good product

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heating pad

it helps ease the pain it is a big help

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I found the customer service person to be very professional and cheerful. She provided all the information that I required.

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This product seems to work well. Both the dry and moist heat is very comforting.

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Customer Service

My Flexible Heating Wrap - which I loved - stopped working before the 5 year warranty had expired. I called customer service with just the box in hand and was in short order, after returning the product in the box, was sent a replacement wrap. I think KAZ rocks!

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I have used the heating pads for years. The company stands behind their product warranty with a new heating pad and prompt service. I have never experienced any problems with Kaz.

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hot/cold pak

My husband had serveral back surgeries and uses this for relief everyday , thanks Kaz

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King size heating pad

I have been very pleased with this product except for its pension for shutting off after you turn it on. This is the third such pad I've purchased and all three have done the same thing. Otherwise I have been satisfied with this product and would recommend it to others.

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Amazing Heat Pad

I had a todonitis on my right shoulder. I used this amazing heated pad. Its help me in bed while I am relaxing which is the doctor recommened. The heat stay warm a very long time that make me feel great during therapy. The only thing that the plastic bag is broken while I did use for my back on the shoulder blade. The liquid absorb the cloth. I like it very much, I am still try to call the company for replacement of the inner pack.

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It works well.

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Moist/Dry Heating Pad

Works Great

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Ms. Williams

I hAVE used this pad twice and so far it has helped to releive pain in my upper back and neck. 

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