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Honeywell HZ-725 Product Reviews

 HZ-725 HZ-725

Model Number: HZ-725

Category: Heaters

Dimensions: 23.58 x 5.83 x 21.18

Color: gray

Warranty: 3 year limited warranty

Price: $74.99

Honeywell HZ-725 Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock

electric heater

HZ-725 heater worked great for a while, then in a short time, would constantly stop after only a few minutes of operation. Could wait 10 minutes, after turning switch to off, turn back on, and within 2 minutes would shut down again! always repeated this action, and therefore, really useless! Problem with the autocycle thermostat??!!

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electric heater

Worked good for awhile. Today started emitting a burning odor and on-off switch got hot and quit working.Guess we'll throw it away as we're afreaid to use it anymore.

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Both broke

I bought 2 of those and used them last season.  Both knobs to control on and off broke.

Disappointing.  I did like the way the heat came out and that the front was not hot.

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Good Convection Heater

I've had this heater for nearly three years now. It heats up really fast and works as expected. The only problem I've had so far is the ON/OFF knob would not turn the heater off the other day. If it happens again I'll have to send it back while still under warranty. Other than that, it's been a really good heater for the price.

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Spaceheater Honeywell

I like my honeywell space heater. The only problem that I have right now is that it has stopped working.

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Heater HZ725

Its a great heater it heats my room very fast

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I did love it into it give me a hard time to turn off and on. The swicht botton whould just get stock all the time till now its broke....its haven't been even a year yet but for the look and space its great!

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Disappointed Customer

When I initially purchased the heater it worked great for about two months. Then it stopped working. Having to shipped the product back to service center is an additional hassle and cost incurred for replacement.

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Great product

Overall great product. We enjoy the silent feature.

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I have not even had the heater a year and it stopped working yesterday. I am disappointed and the heater was not cheap!

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Works great until it stops working

It's a great small room heater. It heats the room quickly and silently without causing high electric bill. But it suddenly stopped working after I moved it to another room. Maybe the shock of moving into another carpeted room was too big?!!

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When it worked it was a great heater and warmed the room very well, However I plugged it in this winter and it seemed fine and then just didn't turn on again. I followed the instructions on the plug and let it cool and tried again..nothing.

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Cool Touch Heater HZ-725

Stopped heating after about 3 weeks of use. :(

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Heater Model HZ725

I was very happy with Model HZ725 heater the first winter.However when I went to use it the second season,it would not start.I contacted the Memphis customer service dept and I must say, I have never had such good service.The agent gave me an authorization # and instructions on how to return the heater.IN LESS THAN 2 WKS I HAD MY NEW UNIT.COULD ASK FOR ANY BETTER SERVICE.

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did not perform

I purchased this heater about 2 weeks ago and it already is not working.

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Good heater, short life

Great heater, the warmest I've ever used. Really heats up the room quickly and maintains it well. Heater quit working in less than a year, with only four months of use.

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Power switch

I bought this heater less than 1 year ago and the on/off switch burned out leaving me with a useless unit. If I could rate it a zero, I would.

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I thought I really liked this heater, butwhen we upacked it we found it was damaged after we had it plugged in .Because of where it is broken it was not noticeable until after it was running awile. I don't like it that it gets so hot as we grandchildren and pets. We are sending it back and will just ask mfor a refund.

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good product slow to get going but does the job good after its been running for a couple hours

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I purchased 2 Model HZ-725 heaters. One had a defective on/off control which stopped working after a week or two. Returned it to Lowe's and received a refund. I am into my second season with the other heater and I really like it. Heats my master suite nicely. The on/off control does not work as smoothly as it did at first, hope it will not quit.

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Luv It !!!!

I think it's fantastic. I have a very small 1 bedroom apartment, and it warms up the whole place.

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Liked Product but only lasted 1 year

We really liked the heater which we purchased 1 year and 2 mo ago. When we got it in December after storing for the summer season, it only worked for a couple of weeks. We are veruy disappointed that we paid 60.00 and got 1 winter out of it.

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HZ725 heater

What I really like is the quiet operation and that this heater is capable of warming a large room. A negative is that my first unit (I have two)stopped operating during the second heating season, however, Kaz replaced that unit at no cost (we did pay shipping fees). I'm very pleased with this heater.

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Paul W. Breedlove

Bought product for the following reasons: 1. Product performence 2.Looks. 3 Price 4. Warranty. 5. Company Name.

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lowe's customer

I purchased the unit in Nov 09 and it is now Mar 11. Unit has been fine until now. It no longer heats. Fortunately, it is still under warranty. I am sending this back to KAZ for repair. I will update my report once I get a response from them.

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Love the product, but it broke in almost 2 years.

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Great Heater

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OK for a year

My HZ-725 space heater worked fine for about a year. Then the thermostat gave out. It has a 3 year warranty so it shouldn't be a problem getting it fixed by Kaz.

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Excellent Product

I really love this product and I would reccomend millions to purchase one. I am seeking for a replacement adjustment off and on switch for this product. the off/on knob broke off of my product and I was trying to avoid taking it back to the store. It apears that I have a 3 year warranty on this product. Please contact me with information regarding my request. Thank you!

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Great until defect

This heater is awesome but the heat melted the on and off button, hopefully it can be replaced because it does a great job.

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