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Vicks Cool Moisture Humidifier Product Reviews

 V3500N Vicks Cool Moisture Humidifier

Model Number: V3500N

Category: Humidifiers

Color: White

Room Size: Medium to Large Room 

Speeds: 3 speeds

Settings: High, Medium and Low

Warranty: 3 Year

Price: $64.99

Sale Price: $49.99

Save: $15.00 (23% off)

Vicks Vicks Cool Moisture Humidifier Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Horrible to keep clean!!!

This is by far the work humidifier ever!! It gets funky too quick & is impossible to clean!!

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works great

The Vicks humidifier does what the discription says and does it well. This purchase was for a friend.  We purchased ours months ago and were so impressed we mentioned it to friends.  It holds a large quantity of water and very quietly does a good job of getting humidity back into the air in our house.  We have had no problems and like the product very much, especially the price.

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Vicks V4450

We've had it now for 2 years working in the winter months when the furnace is running.  1st year was O.K. except that we had to cover the "nightlight" as it kept us awake. It still "glows" way to bright for people who usually have all the lights off at night. Can't shut off the nightlight feature. By the second year, it has been growing a "pink" mold in all areas that have water in them. Have scrubbed the unit several times but it returns in a few days of use. Areas that can not be reached it grows rampent. Now the unit is getting LOUDE and growing louder which is making it very difficult to sleep with it running. Have attempted to turn the unit is various positions in relations to our bed and it doesn't make any difference. In hindsight, we should have considered all that before we bought it. We're not going to make the warranty period of 3 years...not a good purchase.

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Great Products

Kaz products are of great value and usage.

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I received a defective item. the water tank was already broken.

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Breathing Easy

I felt the difference in my breathing the first night, especially with the vapor pads. 

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Kaz filter

The filter and the humifier seem  to be working very well. My only regret is having to have to order it instead of being able to buy it locally.

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Truly love it!!!

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vicks v3500n

so far so good only just started using it

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Have been using this for three years now and works great!! 

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5 stars


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Leaks a lot

I bought this last year and it worked fine.  The fan is a bit loud but didn't seem to bother my daughter when sleeping.  We put it away for the winter.  Brought it back out a few days ago, cleaned it up, got a new filter, and the reservior leaked all over the floor.  I thought I put it together wrong.  Took it all apart and the same thing happened.  Then my husband took it apart and put it back together, then put it into a container to catch any leaks.  It leaked again.  I contacted Vicks who referred me to Kaz.  Kaz says they are going to replace my unit all I have to do is ship my old one back to them.  So that makes me happy.  I hope I get it before winter is over.

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Very efficient product !

Very efficient product. You can feel the effects almost instantly. The room gets much more comfortable when humidifier is on. It would be a plus if the scent pad heater could be manually disactivated. It could save energy when not using scent pads.

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I like it because when it is on and running you can hear it. Plus it doesn't spray a mist real hard like some of the humidifiers do.

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Vicks Cool Mist

I like this product..have had better humidifiers before. Seems like there is high and low..no in the middle setting.

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this humidifier is great but the only thing that bothers me is the change of filter every 2/3 weeks or so.. filter is expensive and if you have to change it that often, it's not a great investment.

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Vicks Room Humidifier

I love this product. It has a quiet, efficient operation. The product releases cool humidity into my bedroom which aids my nasal congestion. It is very easy to fill. I recommend changing the filter monthly, but that process if easy as well. I hope I am always able to find this product available.

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Keeps leaking

Cant figure out why water is leaking out everywhere everytime i use it.

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vicks v3500n

i find this to be a very nice humidifier, it does not leave any moisture or dust on your furniture.used on the medium setting is quiet but the high setting is very loud.

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The filter I purchased working just fine. The product was to improve my sons sleep and it's helped 100% keeping room at the right temp. The sound also soothing puts him to sleep.

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I love my humidifier. I run it every night to prevent stuffiness from allergies. I recently ordered filters for it and also called the company with a question I had regarding the filters. The person I talked to was very nice and helpful. I didn't take long for my filters to arrive. It beats going out and trying to find the filters in a store somewhere.

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