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Stinger 1/2 Acre Flat Panel Insect Killer Product Reviews

 FP15-CR 1/2 Acre Flat Panel Insect Killer

Model Number: FP15-CR

Category: Insect Control

Room Size: 1/2 Acre 

Price: $30.99

Stinger 1/2 Acre Flat Panel Insect Killer Details


The last Zapper we purchased lasted for 3 months.  Here's hopeing this next wone will give us better service.

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Have been using the stinger bug zapper FP15-CR for weeks now and  we are very happy with it and have no bug issues siitting out side now.  Well worth the money and the service/ delivery were worry free.  This is my first purchase from Kaz, and most likely not the last.  Thanks, Tom Parker

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Stinger stings them back

Plugged it in and the death toll started counting!!!

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I just started using the Stinger outdoor insect killer as a replacement for my old bug zapper. I'm not sure if it's working as well as the old one {previous one was a different brand} because I just hung the unit outside today--May 14th, 2013. The unit is hanging about 30 feet from my house under a tree so I hope (if it rains) that the Stinger won't short out. I did check for amperage between the elements and it was 789 HV. I hope this means the unit is working correctly. I couldn't hear the insects being "zapped" so I hope it's working as advertised.

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Stinger FP15

So far so good.   I have ducks and chickens and the bugs (flys) get really bad...I am hoping this unit will knock down that issue.


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First Time User

I have heard of this product from other customers, so I decided to give it a try. 

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Stinger Compact

I purchased my FP-15 Stinger Compact bug zapper on May 17, 2012 for indoor use. So far, it is working like a champ. I'll post something if anything changes.

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hola   donde  puedo  comprar,  señuelo  de octenol  ns16.  nosquito  en  mexico.. o  si  lo  tengo  que  pedir  directamente  con  usted   saludos

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bugs worst nightmare

allsome unit kills all kinds of bugs including stinkbugs and we have alot of them is quiet like it says i know it is working you can see all the bugs including mosquitoes that have stuck to the grid or have fallen on my front porch and the ants dragging them off the next morning if i get bored sitting on the front porch i go to my back yard and watch the fireworks and noise of my ultra b 45 stinger zapper in action it tears the bugs up left and right i use the nosquitoes lures in both units i have a garden a small fish pond and a pool that is why i have a lot of bugs with both units on at night i can sit any were in my yard in just a pair of shorts and only get bit one or twice a night i could not do that before i got both units  i have had them since 7/5/10 of this year and i am very pleased with the results the only thing i do is change the lure once so far and take my leaf blower twice a week and blow the bugs that get stuck in the units good work and great product so far stinger

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Ninja mode

+1* A good investment the whole family will benefit from, even the family pet. It works, you will NOT hear it working, but it's working. I was standing outside waiting for the crackle zap KAPOW!!! sound I've accustomed myself to hearing from other bug zappers, but I didn't hear anything.+1* I went and got a flashlight so that I could investigate and low and behold it was working on ninja mode. +1*Good neighbors keep the peace.

+1* Very impressed with the design and quality of this, be able to enjoy the outdoors A LOT better now pest free. +1* The casing is sturdy and constructed well. 


Final tally  ***** (5 stars)

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Good Product

I have used this product for almost a month the product is a solid product for the price. I have seen a couple products similiar to this one from family members that are more effective but more expensive. The product however seems durable in rough weather and effective. Happy with my purchase. Thank you.

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Good product...

Works as advertised.

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I do find it annoying that the Nosquito was not included in the original purchase. More so that the Home Depot I use does not have it in stock. They also do not have a space for the Nosquito...as if they did not carry this product on a normal basis.

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Repair problems

Worked very good for about 2 months until rain season, quit working and replaced bulb. Unable to get information for warranty and replacement.

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i have one problem i need map for the power supply

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It Sucks!

The bugs are just flying around it. It doesn't kill the insects.

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had to return one to Costco and one to KAZ for replacement. the previous KAZ insect control devices we have purchased in the past have worked fine, and we are hoping that this new model will do the job.

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broken out of the box.

I recently bought one of your FP series Electronic Insect Killer at Costco. The unit came with both an indoor and an outdoor unit. I have no complaint about thr indoor unit, it seems to be working just fine. But the outdoor unit has not functioned at all from Day one. The Manual says to remove and reseat the bulb, which I have done, to no effect. The only other option I have is to replace the bulb, hoping that is the problem. I do not feel I should replace half of the main functional comonents to see if it will resolve the problem. The packaging was pristine when I purchased the unit, so any problems are with the unit itself. (I have tried the unit inmultiple working outlets, so I know there was working power when the unit was tested.) I believe this is not a frequent problem, because this company has a good reputation.

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A Silent Bug Zapper

This is the coolest bug zapper yet - special technology has removed the "ZAP!" sound when a bug hits the grid. I actually had to check it out to see if it was working - sure enough - lots of bugs zapped the first night!

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stinger insect killer

the insect killer worked well and is easy to use just hang it up plug it up and watch it kill bugs

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Excellent Mosquito Control

I could not go out in the backyard before I started to use Stinger. Since I started to use it, I no longer have any mosquitoes left.

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negative start

HI I purchased your Stinger electronic insect killer along with the inside bug catcher and was very excited to get it all working and situated. I got everything going all looked well and then my lightbulb stopped working on day one for teh electronic insect killer. So sad because this was the last box left at costco and I really don't want to return it. I want it to work. please send me a new bulb so I can get those bugs!!

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