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NØsquito Stinger Indoor Insect Trap Product Reviews

 MA06 Stinger Indoor Insect Trap

Model Number: MA06

Category: Insect Control

Dimensions: 17.50 x 0 x 13.50 in

Color: Gray

Wattage: 20

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Price: $31.00

NØsquito Stinger Indoor Insect Trap Details


had problem with gnats worked great so good I orded a seconed one

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Not worth it

Waste of money

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great bug catcher

I have had one of these for about 5 years and find it very good at catching mosquitoes, gnats and other small bugs. My bulb just burned out though and I am not sure where to find one for a replacement. Tried a fish pet store, but they had none and tried Home Depot. I hope I can find one soon.

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Indoor Mosquito Trap

I wasn't sure the Indoor Mosquito trap was going to work, so I just bought one.  After it caught a dozen mosquitos (and a few other bugs) the first night that I used it, I was convinced and bought 2 more.  I would give this product 5 stars, but 1 of the 3 that I bought is not working.

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item very good .     advertising bad

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I was extremely excited to get this indoor mosquito trap, as I live in south Florida and they are jus beginning to come out!  However, after about 2 weeks using the device, I have only trapped ONE bug, and I have followed the directions exactly.  Also, I knew I had some mosquitoes in here because they were biting me.  I am disappointed and will be returning the machine.  I need something safe for pets (I have a cat), so I hope there is a better solution. 

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it is not working!!!!!

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Works Great

I had a infestation of white flys and bought 2 of these and place one at each end of the house. In twos days most flys were completly gon. Works great just as they said it would.

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So far, so good....

I bought this product to take care of the fruit flies and so far it is doing it's it's job.  I have it in the kitchen as they love the fruit and veggies and have trapped a lot of the little buggers.  The first time I cleaned the trap after a few days, I saw a large number of dried up bugs and a few live ones.  The live ones will crawl up out of the trap drawer when the trap is turned off, so hence the need to really keep it turned on 24/7.  The fan is a liitle loud, but like one other customer posted it's a "white noise", constant.

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we use this insect trap for mosquitos; it really works!  No more pesky bugs.

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The Indoor Insect Trap (Model MA06) has proven to be effective in controling houseflies, moths, mosquitos, and other small flying insects in a room that has two doors to the outside.  The fan occasionally was noisy within the first minute or so after starting; the fan eventually failed after 14 months of nightly use.

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Works Great!

This time of year it always seems that a few mosquitos manage to find their way indoors. I put this on a shelf between my living room and bedroom and was suprised to see that it caugh 25+ mosquitos the first week! I would definitely recommend this product!

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Mosquito Magnet

I have used this product for over 2 months in the house and it has surpassed our expectations. We have 2 dogs that go in and out numerous times throughout the day which exacerbated  the mosquito problem.  The unit was catching around 7 per day and then decreased until there were no live mosquitos in the house.  We now only have to turn it on 2-3 times a week at night.  It is quite with only a slight sound from the fan.  We placed it as directed, for us it was on a bar top between the kitchen and dining room.  Mosquitos liked the wet sink area by the kitchen.  At about the same time we also bought the Magic Mesh (magnetic screen) for our back door that the dogs were using.  It worked well in helping keep many  of the mosquitos out and did its job but is not very durable with pets or tall persons.  The Kaz took care of the rest.  Well worth the price.  No defects or problems with the unit, easy to dispose of or rellease the pests.  I will probably buy another Magic Mesh for the next mosquito season but the Kaz Stinger is durable and keeps working. 

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Bugs Be Gone

This is not the first time that I have bought, these bug zapper or bug sucker. These bug zapper are great in catching bugs, but, also great night lights to. I use these bug zappers, all over the house.

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Works Great!

i love this machine. It really works.

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Kaz bug hine

works good

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Best trap for Indoors

This is the best indoor mosquito trap I ever purchased. Had my current one for at least 2 years, I think. Could be longer. No fuss, no muss. Catches all mosquitoes in the house. Buying three more for gifts. Lots of mosquitoes in the Summer months.

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Stopped working in less than a year

Bought the item at costco.changed the bulbs 3 times...all failed.used another trap and  ths second one worked great;so i know it wasn't the bulbs/ I don't want a coupon,i'd like to have the company repair it for free

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Bought MA06 Indoor Insect Trap back in December 2011.  Worked great for one month on moths, which is what we bought it for.  Then the lamp went out.  Ordered B04 lamps from Ace Hardware but that didn't help, and I now don't think the lamp was burned out in the first place.  Fan works fine, lamps do not power up.  Now what?  Moths are returning with a vengeance.

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Short Bulb Life

The product can basically be a good item. However, the bulb which is supposed to last 1000 hours burnt out after just about a week (168 hours). If the next bulb lasts the indicated 1000 hours I will blame it upon the bulb sold with the product. As for the zapper itself, it seems to work. I am only bothered by small mosquitos and although I never see any dead ones on the screen inside,  I want to presume that they have been de-hydrated into dust. Upon using it, my home seems more free of mosqutes than before. If a mosquito gets into my home and is in a room away from the zapper, I get bitten until it finds its way into my living room where the zapper is located.

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We purchased this product last year and we love it.  We catch mosguitoes every nite in it.  We did not notice the mosquitoes in our home until we placed the nosquito there one nite. Now we use it every nite.  No more pests. Thank you.

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This has been a great investment. We have an 1100 sq ft apt. mosquito's kept coming in and biting my wife. We owned a stinger bug zapper but they tended to take cover within the unit lol The nosquito works so much better. We've reduced the bug issue and she doesn't get bitten every night it works wonderfully 

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Breaks To Easily

Not much to really review, as WHEN the machine did work, which wasn't very long, it did great, but the light went out, so I assumed (wrongly) that it was a bulb. I ordered 2 replacement bulbs, and you can imagine my irritation when neither bulb worked. You really need more work on the light part of these machines, as it was not in service long, before going out, I will NOT BUY ANOTHER ONE OF THESE MACHINES, TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!!!

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The Best

As a college student, I brought along the stinger trap my parents had at home (they weren't using it). So after at least 2 years of no use, I started using it, and it works beautifully (At least up to the moment I'm submitting this review). Although there seems to be little scientific evidence that mosquitos are attracted to UV light, it is common knowledge that bugs are attracted to light in general. I'm guessing the product would work equally well with a non-UV lamp. But who knows.The limitation is of course that this product will only work in a ~small room. Don't expect your entire home to be mosquito-free if one trapper is sitting in the kitchen. I use it for a dorm room and it works like a charm.

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NØsquito Stinger Indoor Insect Trap

I use this on my desk - right beside my monitor. It is a little louder hum than I expected but it works pretty well.  It's fall here in NE Texas and we like to leave the doors open  at the office however, we also get a batch of tiny mesquitos and this little machine does the trick.  Still have an occasional one who gets past it but not many for sure.

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Excellent Price

Two units 1 indoor/ 1 outdoor at a cost that will not empty the pocket book.

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Nosquito Indoor Insectg Trap

Buying this product was an easy choice as I already own one.  If you wish to trap flying insects inside your home, especially mosquitos, this is the product for you.  We live in Mexico and there are significant mosquito populations where we live.  I run this insect trap day and night and it works.

I close the doors and windows and turn on the insect trap.  Within a couple hours, most of the mosquitos in the room I'm clearing are gone.  The proof is in the pudding.  Every time I clean out the trap it contains hundreds of dead mosquito carcasses.

I think this unit is far more effetive than it's big brother the Stinger Exterior "Ultra Insect Killer" unit.

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What simple concept for indoors! I look forward to seeing how it will help with the knats and mosquitos

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works great

 This bug catcher works great.  It does not zap and kill the bugs.  The bugs get caught in the drawer.  Make sure you release them somewhere where they won't fly right back into the window.  I release them on my terrace.  I like this type of trapping and not zapping the bugs, because I have cats.   Please keep in mind that this bug catcher has a fan.  If you are somewhere chilly, you might now want to use this there. 

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Stinger Indoor Insect Trap

I just recently purchased and started using the Stinger Indoor Insect Trap in my home as I have been losing sleep at night due to an invasion of mosquitos.  I set the unit up in my bedroom and after the first night I noticed an immediate improvement 1) not being awakened by viscious mosquito buzzing noise and bites 2) I went to clean out the trap the following morning and saw about 10 dead mosquitos.  I highly recommend this fantastic product if you too suffer from viscious mosquito invasions.

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Do Not Buy

I have 2 older models and bought the new redesigned model this year. We have an issue with moths this time of year. To date one of the older units has trapped 111 moths, the newer unit omly 13. I recommend trying to find the older style somewhere. Also the new unit is much harder to remove trap and clean.

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no squito/kaz

Absolutely marvelous product. We live in a condo right on garden level! Mosquitos in the summer , pour in the front door the moment it is opened. Your product, unlike nasty mosquito sprays really does the job! This last one that I ordered was to replace one of the six units that we own. But they have lasted a long while....actually we purchased the six in 2005.

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Stinger indoor insect trap

This indoor bug catcher is amazing...I have one in my child's bedroom because for some reason she was always getting bitten in the night. (and it also works as a night light) because the bugs are attracted by a light... so it lights up the room just enough so your child isnt in the dark. There are no part on it that anyone can get hurt on so thats a plus too. I bought a second one because I liked it so much and use it in my office at night... for some reason when my air conditioner is on some little bugs get in and the bug catcher is full of them in the morning!

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Stinger Insect Defense System

It works both of them, the one on the inside and out.

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Stinger Mosquito Trap

Unit arrived working and easy to set up.

Removal and re-insertion of trap drawer is a bit difficult, particularly re-insertion.  Getting trap out of unit without releasing caught mosquitos requires careful attention to trap lever.  Makes more noise than anticipated, but not offensive.

Have been using in various rooms for two weeks, caught 5 mosquitos and one small fruit fly, inadvertently released 2 mosquitos, so may have only caught 3... : )

Seems to work best in dark room and confined space.

Overall, failry happy with unit.  It does catch mosquitos, but it does not kill them (which then leaves the dilema of how to get them out of the trap without releasing them.

Probably deserves 3 1/2 stars.




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10% as good as old model

Bought 2 of the old style units a few years ago and one stopped working so last spring I bought this new model. Used the old unit and new this summer. We have a problem with moths in the house. Caught over 100 moths in the old unit, a mere ten in the new model.

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Kazz Bug Vacume

I bought this for controling fruit flies when canning in the fall !  it works extreamly well so i bought another (2 total) .  even when i am done for the day i leave them running because of the fruit that hasen't been canned yet all night and has cured a real bug problem for me plus i don't have to worry about Grand kids around it ! (helpers)  so these will run untill i am finished canning (about 1 month of canning)  150 plus quarts of stuff as it ripens or is processed ! thank you !!!






                                              Chief Cook & Bottle Washer !!!!

                                                  & yes i am a male Cook !!! 

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