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Honeywell Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater with SureSet™ Digital Controls Product Reviews

 HZ-519 Honeywell Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater with SureSet™ Digital Controls

Model Number: HZ-519

Category: Heaters

Dimensions: 41.30 x 5.10 x 9 in

Color: White

Warranty: 3 Year Limited

Price: $99.99

Honeywell Honeywell Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater with SureSet™ Digital Controls Details


Heater works well.

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Not worth the money

Our heater is little 3 years but is only used 2 to 3 times in a winter. My heater was working fine and then stopped working, all the

controls are working like they should but the elements don't heat up. One thing the is wrong is you can't take it apart. I'm an Electrical

Engineer more the able to fix it but can't open because the screws they us.


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Great Product

Received this Room Heater Model HZ-519 as a replacement for the older unit I had that had a manufacture recall on it.

This unit was received within 2 weeks after returning the unit on the recall. Unit performs like a charm,

Best of all the Warranty does work.

Thanks, again

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Heater Review

Bought this heater to help maintain the temperature in my baby's room.  This heater is quick to heat up as well as quick at heating up the baby's room.  Not sure how accurate the temperature control is in maintaining the room's temperature.  Overall was satisfied until 5 months of usage the temperature control stopped working and turning off the power did not turn off the heater (even though the temperature screen indicates that it is off).  You have to physically unplug the power supply to turn off the heater.  Am submitting a ticket to Honeywell as we speak.

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inferior product

I've owned this product for little over a 2 years and have only actually had it in operation for 6 months. With only 6 months worth of use the thermostat has stopped working and the unit will cycle on and off on its own. For the price, not a good investment.

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Excellent Service and Return

I can't say enough about the "KAZ" personnel in handling my questions and providing me with additional information, regarding their services, Excellent Again,,,

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I really love how safe and at home I feel with the Honeywell heaters. Not only do they keep a fairly sized room warm and toasty it also makes zero noise so that I can spend quality time with my family.

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The unit provide excellent heat for a very large livingroom without furniture yet.

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warm in new jersey

this heater was a smart purchase. it's perfect for my kitchen on a super cold day for extra heat when needed. Safe, affordable and easy to use. My feet and legs are happy now. 

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Honeywell heater

I recently purchased 2 of these heaters to replace an older, and no longer working, similar Honeywell heater. My old unit worked well for at least 2 years, and I am hoping to get at least 2 years out of each of these units.  The controls are relatively easy to use and seem to work well. I use these heaters in my garage and they provide sufficient heat to keep the gargae comfortable. My heaters have been in place for a few weeks now and, so far, thay are working well. 

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Great device

Love it....my landlord gives very little heat and this baby..is magnificent .....but it stopped working help??

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Well made and good controls

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Good so far

Used it a few times and it seems to work fine. The controls could be improved... I set the timer for 1 hour and went to check it some time after. When I checked it, the "10" flashed (indicating 10 hours). Not sure what happened to my 1 hour timer...

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Honeywell HZ 519 Heater

This heater sets up quick and is easy to get running. Once running it is trouble free and dead quiet. There was a sheet along with the directions that mentioned an energy efficient/low setting that saved energy but I looked everywhere and can not find how to select this setting.

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Low Profile Heater

Just received the heater and indeed it is very quiet running and display numbers are easy to read. I've only had a short time to test this heater out but i purchased this based on ratings from a consumer mag. It's made well and looks nice in any decor and it does heat up very quickly and i like the safety features such as the black to red indicator telling you that the grill is hot to the touch. If used properly, it can help save on your heating bills this winter.

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I Love This Heater

I love this heater it does everything it says it does hope my lipa bill says the samething

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Have only been using for a few days but so far seems great.

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This was the second Honeywell heater we have purchased.  We were very happy with the first and it lasted for quite a few years.  The second one we have is extremey noisy.  It heats fine but we have to turn it off because it keeps us awake at night.  We are very disappointed with the product>

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Honeywell Space Heater

The unit is efficient and easy to control. I like it's low profile design.

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Works well

I bought this heater because of its excellent safety rating on Consumer Reports as well as its low noise.

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radiant heater

We love this product and are very satisfied.

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Model HZ-519

The only thing I wish it did that it does not presently do is provide a backlight for the digital readout.

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turns off before reaching temp

stops heating

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Misrepresented space heater

I bought the space heater because of its size as given on the website.  However in reality the length of the space heater was not 10 1/2 inches as given by the website, but 42 inches. It works well but I would have preferred a smaller heater, but I didn't want to pay to return it AND GO THROUGH THE TROUBLE OF SHIPPING IT.  It works well enough.

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Easy to set up,instructions are clear.  Goes with just about any decor and doesn't need to be hidden.  Heats up quickly.

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First Day....

Still to early to give a fair review but on the first day I like the quality and appearance.  I'll write more later if I really love the heater or if I have problems.

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Honeywell Low Profile room heater

This heater is an excellent heater for warming up and keeping a room warm for one or more hours. It is not designed for instant localized heat. It is attractive, unobtrusive when against a wall, and can be set to maintain a temperature range and to turn off after a specified number of hours. It also has several safety features and is an excellent overall product.

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I love this heater! This is my second purchase of the same heater, my first I have had since 2000! This heater does exactly what it says, it heats the room, not just the space in front of it. I am using it in my kitchen, which has no heat source, and even on the coldest days, I am able to feel warmth in the room. In the past we used the other heater to heat my daughter's basement room, which had not heat source, and to heat my loft bedroom, which also had not heat source. The other morning it was 10 degrees outside, and I had a warm room. The heater is truely silent, I am so delighted, I highly recomment the Honeywell Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater.

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