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Honeywell Low Profile Heater Product Reviews

 HZ-617 Low Profile Heater

Model Number: HZ-617

Category: Heaters

Dimensions: 13.23 x 6.69 x 29.76 in

Color: black

Warranty: 3 Year Limited

Price: $59.99

Honeywell Low Profile Heater Details

Heater - HZ617

Love the Quick Heat Feature. The fan Warms the room quicker than just Radiant heat. Quality construction and materials - would have gotten 5 Stars but would have liked the HZ-817 Temp controls, but it wasn't availiable at purchase location.

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It never worked right when we got it and then quit working altogether

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Good Heater

This unit is pretty large but it heats very well. There is a Strong smell from the heating elements the first time it was turned on (manufaturing oils I believe) but this smell went away after it got hot the first time.

I would recommend this unit to friends and family.

Works well to heat a 2000 cu foot room in a short time. The fan assist really helps on the time needed, but is not needed as soon as the heat is up. 

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we are very pleased with this heater - it is just what we need for the space.

thank you

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Great Heater

Rated high by Consumer Confidence Report.  That is why I tried this heater.

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What a Treat!

The all-inclusive pricing was wonderful - knew the amount of order before even ordering. Selection and availability outstanding. Service was excellent - received my order within 3 days of ordering! I would recommend this site to everyone - nice to find someone who is on top of things and still thinks the customer is important.

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This heater works great and is extremely quiet.  We can hardly tell it is even on.  We use it in a room addition that is 14' x 20'.  The room is closed off from the rest of the house and we turn the heater on for approximately 30 minutes.Tthen open up the doors leading to the main house and heat supply.  It is adequate enough to heat the room comfortably.

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Honeywell HZ-617 2-in-1 Whole Room Heater

This heater is working great for me. It has been really cold this week.  Between 0 and 10 above. We keep our thermostat at 68, so I wanted something to keep our small living room a little warmer. It seems to help. 

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 it's 80 degrees in the room!

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Honeywell room heater

Used so far in a 3-season room 14' x13' 7".  Heated the room to a reasonable temperature within a relatively short time.  Works well; is quiet; thermostat is helpful; like the safety features.  Glad I bought this item.

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This product lasted about 3 minutes at the most. I sent it back  as it absolutely wouldn''t work. If I could rate this a minus star it would receive a 5!

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Heater review

I like the heater very much.  I like the dual action that this heater affords me.  I have had occasion to come into a cold room and was able to use the fan to accelerate the warm up.

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We purchased two Honeywell heaters for our 200 sq. ft. unheated porch to be used for weekly dinner parties.  We use the most economical setting on the heaters and they are performing very well.  We highly recommend this product.

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Important feature missing

Received this heater and tried it out.  Everything works great as advertised.  Very quiet.  Only problem I can see is there is no handle and it makes it difficult to handle.  Someone who is handicapped and only has the use of one arm could not easily handle moving it.  Even older folks who have difficulty with balance or use of their hands would be at a disadvantage. Would not purchase another "portable" heater without a handle of some sort.  Doesn't make it very portable.

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Honeywell HZ-617

This heater works fine and heats a large area.  The one feature that I feel is very necessary is missing and that is a handle of any sort.  Someone who may be handicapped or elderly really can not handle something this bulky without a handle to hold on to.  Have had other portable heaters in the past that did have handles.

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self employed

The heater was exactly as stated, it is very efficent, quiet and sleekly designed. The delivery from the company was amazingly fast, the price was very fair and I recommend this product and this company to all looking for a solid product and a solid company. Jean Newman

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If youn live in the North

Living in ther Dakotas anything that helps defray heating costs is a great deal.  I'm convinced this heater is as good as advertised.

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If you live in the North

When you live in the Dakotas anything that will help defray heating costs is a great deal.  I'm convinced this heater is agood as advertised.

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i bought this heater at a yard sale but it doesn't have a manual with it,it turns on,but no heat-supposed to be a circut breaker in it,does anyone know where that may be located,or a website i could download the manual?

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excellent, quick working

 This heater puts out a lot of heat in a short while.  It works great.  I unfortunately had to give it away to my sister-in-law.  I did not realize that the grill becomes very hot.  There is a warning light letting you know the grill is hot to the touch.  I like a fool, did not realize my cats can fall on the heater and get burned, until I used it for a while.  Fortunately my cats did not get hurt.  The heater is excellent and works great.  If you don't have small pets or kids, or you can put it out of access to small children & pets (or have no kids or pets) it is wonderful!  It heats up a small room in no time flat!  The warning light is another excellent feature.  

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First Encounter

 First encounter was to check contros, settings and loction within room ares to be heated.Initial usage causes burning off of mmaterials used in manufacture which when burned stink for a short time,Further usage of the unit will give more spectftc data regarding the operational characteristics.Initial use and subsequent use wiill provide more comments onperformance.

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Whole room heaters

This low profile heater works as stated in the product description. It has a very quiet fan feature which rapidly heats the whole area. This is the second one of these I have owned. The previous one worked just as well and lasted for several years before I finally wore it out.

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Solid and silent

Sturdy convection space heater with supplementary fan. Excellent temperature control. Quick start feature adds a small fan to blow the heat which is quiet but doesn't blow that strongly. Since I have cats, I was worried about the top of the heater which gets hot to the touch, but the cats do not seem interested or they get the message about the heat and since the heat goes straight up instead of out due to the convection process, they don't even sit in front of it. My boiler broke and I am using this space heater in the kitchenette area until the boiler is fixed. It keeps it warm enought to be comfortable.

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