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Honeywell Ceramic Surround Heat® with Remote Product Reviews

 HZ-445R Ceramic Surround Heat® with Remote

Model Number: HZ-445R

Category: Heaters

Dimensions: 9.76 x 8.98 x 12.40

Color: Black

Warranty: 3 year limited warranty

Price: $69.99

Honeywell Ceramic Surround Heat® with Remote Details

Not bat at all.

I have 2 of them and they work well. The only thing is that the digital thermostat is a bit off the mark and slow to react to the surrounding temp. 

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Room Temp vs Desired temp heater operation issue

I purchased this heater as we ran into some emergency and noticed that I need to setup atleat 3degrees above the room temperature for the heater to start automatically. Ex: Romm temp is 68. Set temp 70- no workie. 71 perhaps yes. 72 definitely works.

I checked online videos and all but nowhere it was mentioned about that much of difference. My central heat system thermostat works even with 1degree temp difference. Finally I decided to call customer care and spoke to one of your rep (do not want to mention name here but you should be able to get it from call log). After explaing the issue, she kept me on hold and finally told me that , this is the nature of thermostat and that is how the heater works. I asked if  it was mentioned anywhere... nope. I requested her to test if she got inventory in the office and  and if not, requested to send me another unit so that I can test. Answer is 'no units will be send out for testing and this is how the heater works'.  Ready for more electric bills.

I never recomend this product to anyone. Gave 2 stars as rest works.



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great heater, but I lost my remote and now it just heats for a few minutes & shuts itself off

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great heater, but I lost my remote and now it just heats for a few minutes & shuts itself off

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Mrs. Nienaber

I have just set it up and have not used the heater at this point.  Everything worked well getting it operational and was easy to accomplish.

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Heats a 400 sq ft room pretty well and the remote works from across the room. Would be nice if it kept it the settngs when turned off, but it defaults to "HI" (about 75 degrees) when turned back on. It's noisier, but no obnoxiously so, than our old Arvin, but safer and more energy efficient with the ceramic heater vs just plain coils. The 360 vs 180 vent control is a nice feature and the unit feels solid. 

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Great Heater

This is my third heater purchase of the same type. This little heater is great for heating small to medium size rooms. we really like the option of 180 or 360 fan circulation.

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We love this heater so much, that this is my second one for a separate room.

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Ceramic Surround Heater

Heats up fast. Great for small rooms. I like the handle for portability and it does not take up too much space.

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360 ceramic heater

Great... except the remote control does not work.

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So Far So Good!

Have not had the unit for very long, but so far so good!!  Like the ability to be able to choose 369 degree feature for a room that has people on all sides.  Quieter than other brands that I have had in the past

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Taking this one back

I purchased one of these, the temperature indicator did not read correctly making it impossible to set a comfortable room temperature. The indication read 6 deg high. With the offset in mind I set the temperature and tested the heater. Once it reached the set temperature the machine cut off as expected. But then the room temperature indication continued to climb as the actual room temperature dropped. Made an exchange at the store and guess what ........the next machine has the same malfunction issues. I like to buy equipment that works, I believe I will take this one back as well and go with another. Not impressed with Honeywell space heaters at all.

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I recieved this heater thru my friend...i really start liking it and start using it..it is digital and the surroud heater is great for a small room or big room and great for not just  focus to only 1 side of the room...Only problem is when we recieved this there is no remote control inside the box that clearly said in the box or having a remote on it...i am trying to contact the company now and hope they soon response and give us solution to this minor problem....

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Not Very Efficient Heater

I bought this heater for my office, a relatively small room but with lots of windows.  Even though I set it for a reasonable temperature, it has yet to reach it.  I would not buy this again.  However, it is attractive.

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Great little heater, does exactly what I wanted

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